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EDN's Electronic Innovation, 2009, Double Award Winner...

CPL2 is our new USB - Wireless Datalogger

used in measuring the Corrosive, Electrolysis effect on assets

by monitoring Stray Currents and Galvanic Potentials. 


Range = ±10V or ±150mV, portable, compact size,

large storage memory,  USB to Wireless IEEE 802.15.4 

in 2.4GHz license free RF band plus much much more...

What sets this Corrosion Datalogger apart?


     *     Wireless RF connection to PC,

     *     5KV Protected Inputs for lightning strike, 

     *     1Mb FLASH data storage 

     *     IP68 submersible to 30m,

     *     Compact size (OD=4cm x L=24cm)

General Description

      The CPL2 is a robust IP68 submersible, wireless mini logger designed to record AC/DC Voltages and Currents.  

      CPL2 is designed to work with applications such as monitoring of corrosion (i.e. stray current surveys), for the

      purpose of identifying whether an asset is protected or is in need of maintenance. 

      The hardware module is self contained and provides interval based monitoring and recording . 

      The data can be viewed and exported to proprietary or industry standard CSV or TXT file formats for use in a wide
      variety of other applications. Also export for those requiring the VEC (Victorian Electrolysis Commission - Australia)

      compliant file format.


General Features


·   5KV Protected Input

·   ±10V range for galvanic voltages

·   ±150mV range for current shunts

·   1Mb FLASH data storage

·   IEEE 802.15.4. based wireless radio communications

·   Mains voltage filtering >60dB at 50/60Hz

·   3 AA alkaline batteries

·   6 months battery life at 1 min logging intervals

·   3 months battery life at 10 s logging intervals

·   Logging intervals down to 1 second

·   Hardware RTC for time management

·   Compact size - Portable

·   Firmware updates via RF communications

·   Calibration and maintenance services

·   40mm diameter, 150mm long

·   Mechanical attachments built in

·   True IP68 rated submersible to 30m




·   Intervals from 1 second to 1 day

·   Readings in V or mV software selectable

·   500,000+ records

·   >5 days at 1 second intervals

·   >50 days at 10 second intervals

·   >200 days at 1 minute intervals

·   Real time monitoring while logging

·   Upload while logging (partial results)

·   Magnetic Start/Stop in the field

·   Audible feedback on logger status

·   Unique serial number per logger





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