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November '07

The month of november brings you a hair tutorial! Compiled by Pop!
It has proven helpful to people already, and I hope it can help you too!

October 20th '07

New edition is out today! We have featured a story by a member of IMVU ;)
It's excellent! Definately worth the read.
(May be a few more pages later)

September 20th '07

This month's release is out! - It includes a brief intro. to texture maps!

4th September '07

Ah! It's been a while, I've been waaay too busy. D:!
But I'm back! And am planning to do another issue of the Borg Mag. And hopefully some more tutorials.

The main reason for this message is because CaptainLust and I have made a forum for you all to chitter chatter on!
Click here!

Hope to see you guys posting around!

Welcome! - 20th July '07

Welcome to the official website for the Borg Magazine!
Unfortunately, I'm too cheap to get my own domain! So it'll be hosted on freewebs.

The Borg Magazine is an IMVU-Themed magazine, it'll have various pages made by a selection of members on IMVU. And the topics will be forever changing, so you won't get bored! Each page will have a few short paragraphs about things around IMVU, like developers that need more publicity, and popular products.

This month's edition was made by:
Pop, CaptainLust and Seiadra

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