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The purpose of this site is to provide a research tool for the King's Own Scottish Borderers and the soldiers who served in that fine regiment.

A research service is offered for a nominal fee.  If you are interested please see:

Research Write-ups examples of my work.


I draw most of my research from the Borderers Chronicle and associated Regimental Histories




Photo of the KOSB Depot Berwick circa 1900 


I am always looking to purchase Single and medal groups to the King's Own Scottish Borderers 



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I have the following research materials:

Research Material:

Medal Rolls and Photos:

  1. Afganistan (1/25th)
  2. Egypt (2nd Bn)
  3. IGSM 1854 (1st Bn (Chin Lushi))
  4. Vic LS&GC Roll
  5. QSA Medal Roll (1st Bn. 3rd Militia Bn & Vol Service Companies)
  6. Canada General Service Medal Roll 1866-70 (1/25th)
  7. Delhi Durbar Medal 1911 Medal Roll (1st Bn)
  8. 2nd Bn Pictorial History Phoona India,1930
  9. General Service Medal (Palestine Pre WWII)
  10. General Service Medal (Palestine 1945-48)



Regimental History's

 25th Foot/KOSB:

  1. Records of the King's Own Borderers (by Capt RT Higgins 1872)
  2. History of the 3rd (Militia) Bn KOSB
  3. With The Border Volunteers to Pretoria
  4. KOSB in the Great War
  5. 4th Bn KOSB in WW I
  6. 4th Bn KOSB in WW II
  7. 5th Bn KOSB in WW I
  8. 5th Bn KOSB in WW II
  9. 6th (Border) Bn KOSB in WWII
  10. 7/8th Bn KOSB in WW I
  11. Off at Last 7th (Airbourne) Bn KOSB in WW II
  12. Nine Days at Anhem 7th (Airbourne) Bn KOSB in WW II
  13. Albanich A History of the Galloway Rifle Vol's
  14. With the Border Rifle Vol's to Pretoria
  15. Borderers In Battle (War Story of The KOSB 1939-45)
  16. Borderers in Korea
  17. The King's Own Scottish Borderers (A Concise History)

Other Research Books

  1. The Lowland Scots
  2. POW's British Army 1939 - 1945 (Europe only)
  3. History of the 11th Bn The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers WWI
  4. Black Watch Medal Roll 1801 - 1911
  5. Pontius Pilate's Bodyguard (History of the Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment) Vol 1 & 2)
  6. Home Guard List 1941, Scottish Command
  7. The Roll of the Imperial Yeomanry Vol 1 & 2 (2nd Boer War)
  8. Black and White Budget Vol's 1, 2 &3 (2nd Boer War)
  9. Border Hero's (Scottish Borders magazine for the Great War)
  10. A Military History of Perthshire 1899 - 1902