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Robs Dutton Car's
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Well I brought this car in July 2006, and in such a short period of time have had so much fun.

As you can see its a Dutton Phaeton S2, it was registered in 1982. It has a Fiat Mirafiori 1585cc twin overhead cam engine. This car is great fun to drive, and it seriously turns heads. I've even had people taking photos on their mobile phone whilst sat at traffic lights. I will get around to fitting new body panels, as the ones at present have some cracks, but what can you expect from a 25 year old car.

It runs on 14inch Weller alloys, I intend to change the tyres to a lesser profile to help the ground clearance. Ask my mate Martin you nearly sent the engine through the bonnet after grounding it.

It has a custom made stainless steel exhaust and heat shroud, it has stainless steel side panels which will be replaced as they are a bit tatty.

It has Luke racing harnesses plus the original style of seating.  These cars are actually fairly big inside, i'm 6 foot 2 and have no trouble getting in. At present there is no wet weather gear, but if you have noticed there's no wipers yet either.

There's a 10-inch Mountney steering wheel, which make it feel just like a go-kart. The picture above does not really do the wheel centre justice, its a two layer stainless steel, the top layer being 18swg brushed finish stainless steel with the word Dutton laser cut. Then 18swg mirror finish stainless steel beneath.

 In the photo album on the left hand menu, the pictures are of my car, just email any photos of your dutton (To ) and I put them on the gallery for you.

The car has now been pictured in Dutton Torque issue No.113 January 2007, the Dutton Owners Club members magazine, showing the car plus also the mounting of the engine.






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