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Super Standard
- Bidding System for today and tomorrow
Super Standard is somewhere between SAYC and 2/1 in general approach. All auctions are covered in depth thru the responders first rebid or further. Chapters on choice of contract, hand evaluation, competitive bidding, new ideas, bridge self quiz to define your own methods, complete summary, thoroughly indexed. Many treatment original to the author. 450 pages

Price: $49 US looseleaf bound   $19 online file


Bobby Knows Bridge
- bridge playing software
Using rule based logic, this program bids and plays bridge hands very much like a human would. Capable of playing 15 different bidding systems and nearly 200 conventions, all fully documented and explained. Bid selection is by comparing the actual hand to the suggested meaning of a bid, constrained by prior bidding. Card play and defense use plans, all of this is transparent to the user. Win "Bobster" points by playing in tournament mode, all hands repeatable, logs your play and monitors your progress. Large collection of hand files from world championships and Bridge World bidding contests. 

Price : $79 US, shipping included  

- map drawing program featuring scaleable road maps of the entire world and information on all countries. Includes route planners for roads,railways and airline flights.

Price: $29 US or buy with the kids package for $49  

Astronomy World
- data base of stars and other stellar objects, scaleable maps of all constellations. Kids tutorial and astronomy tips

Price: $19 US or buy with kids package for $49  

- kids computer game based on monopoly, featuring malls, lotteries, pawn shops, traffic, household possessions and even real income tax forms. Players select a character, sex, marital status, hobbies and job and set out to conquer the world. Sound effects, animation and cute graphics.

Price:$19 US or buy with kids package for $49  

Trandoc - Language translation software from English to French,,Spanish,Portuguese,Italian, German,Dutch, Swedish,Danish, Norwegian, Turkish, Polish and Mandarin. Works on text or web pages (preserving format). Specifically designed for bridge, geography and computer related documents. Use custom dictionary to exclude translation of specific words. Over 48000 entries in the main dictionary. Spell checking, recognition of untranslated words, database of proper names and geographic locations..

Price:$29 US  


Travel Consulting - Planing a trip, North America or Europe. For a reasonable fee, I will research the best prices on hotels and airline, fastest routes, things to see. Maps and schedule provided use Geoworld and other software.

Online bridge instruction - reasonable rates, teach everything from basics to special systems, or training for events. Voice chat plus lesson notes. Online practise available also at the site of your choice.

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