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Do you want to play better Bridge?

As the author of several books on bridge bidding and the developer of the first complete Bridge playing program (Bobby knows Bridge), I am uniquely qualified to help you to play better. In the last 10 years I have played online bridge at the Zone, Okbridge and Bridge Base and haved helped numerous players to improve their game (see endorsements).

My lessons are multi-faceted. They include

- Written material (see free lessons)

- On line chats via voice or typed communication with ICQ,MSN, Yahoo and other software. All questions answered in a patient and clear way

- Reinforcement and review

- Confirmation via online play, either with friends or in tournaments.

- General recommendations on concentration, patience, and other aspects that will make you a success.

- Any help you need in fine tuning your computer for peak performance

Reasonable rates. Email me for immediate results :).