Martins Favorite Internet Sites

Bridge Resources

ACBL - American bridge news, tournament schedules and regulations

Danish Bridge - site in danish only

Dutch Bridge - "Bridgebeter" magazine

Ecats - English site with lots of downloadable news and a scoring program.

French Bridge -french only, news and schedules

IMP magazine - excellent magazine on bridge matter, unfortunately my Dutch is bad

Eddie Kantar - hands, jokes, KCB and other material

GreatBridgeLinks - news, books and more links, this site has nearly everything

MasterPointPress - Canada's premier publisher of bridge books, articles on declarer play, blogs. Sponser of Canada Team in Venice Cup (women)..

Richard Pavlicek - expert quizs, puzzles, articles, systems

Vancouver Bridge Center - mostly club news and schedules

Online Bridge

Bridge Base Online - best of the free sites, private clubs, practise rooms with custom dealing, fewer rude people than at other free sites

BBO forums - Discussion of many bridge topics, including online play. Very active site, something new every day.

Okbridge - best of the pay sites in terms of quality of players, good to kibitz. Interface takes some getting use to.

Cronix - strictly for Poles, entire site in Polish, some good players, a terrible interface, free site.

Swan Bridge - small pay site with free week trial, online lessons and tournaments, friendly atmosphere.

Bridgewinners - latest results, forum, original articles


Kasparovchess - the former World champion has all the latest in chess news and other resources

FIDE - the governing body of most of chess until it become like boxing a few years ago

Internet Chess Club - top site for playing chess online, lots of grandmasters and strong computers, great for kibitzing, you can log on as a guest or have a free one week trial


National Geographic - aerial photos of entire world enlargeable, site can be slow but is the best

Map distances - formula for calculating distances between points on the earth

Populations - get statistics on countries and cities


Epicurious - search database for over 14000 recipes

Xmas in sweden - i cant read it but the pictures make me hungry. Click on Receptsökning for recipes.

Language translation

Main sites for this, none particularly good since they dont handle subtle meaning differences in languages and databases are all limited.

Freedict -main languages

Word Reference - major languages, claims to be able to translate any word in a web page

Your dictionary - resource page to many of the worlds 6800 languages (not including love)

Google - spoken translations and alternative words, the best but still hopeless for bridge.

Antons - best of a poor lot for Polish