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                                                                                                           Troupe Achievements


Miss UKFM and her Deputy are girls who have been selected from an interview. Each Troupe within the Federation can put forward one member to go into this interview. Miss UKFM roles include helping the Federation out in any way she can. attending all competitions so she can be a friendly approacable person, to hand out trophies to winning majorettes and to be a role model for all majorettes to look up to.                   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             At  our very first nationals Sarah decided to put herself in for Miss UKFM. After thinking she had done an awful interview she was certain she wouldnt get the honour of beining seleceted. So imagine her face when her name was called as MISS UKFM 04/05. The whole Troupe was screaming and crying and just when we all managed to calm down. Sarah waved from the stage and well that started us all off again. What followed was an amazing year and the chance for us to get to meet and really know people in the Federation. We had the chance to help the Federation out by marshalling.   Jo and Sarah also started on the course tobecome UKFM Judges.


At our 2015 National championships Kerrin Was annouced as the Miss UKFM deputy. Kerrin couldnt be more of a perfect fit for this role if she tried, She is so kind hearted and has time for everyone. Even though this was Kerrin's third try at going in for this role it falls at the perfect time for her as she is just finishing her degree. Good luck KERRIN we are so proud of you and what a special year to have this title in the UKFM's 40th year



The Colour Guard in the Federation are seleced to ''Protect'' the Miss titles and to carry the Union Jack along with UKFM bannoers. They lead Parades and also lead in all the Troupes on the final presentation at Natonal Championships.





In 2005 Sarah Webb and Kim Jones where selected to be apart of the UKFM Colour Guard for 2005/2006. This was a great honour as normally only 1 girl from each Troupe would be selected. During this time Kim was apart of the Colour Guard that marched the down the streets of London for the New Years Day Parade.Sarah wasnt able to take part as she was pregnant with her Daughter at the time. Both done the Troupe Proud by being the first members of Blue Vision to be selected for this role. Here is a picture of the girls doing a fantastic job.








In 2006 Sam Bathurst was selected to be apart of the 2006/2007 colour guard team. Sam Carried the union Flag as Sarah did the year before her.









     In 2009 Abbii Abraham was Selected to be in the 2009/2010 Colour Guard Team. This was an extremely fantastic honour and a great achievement for Abbii as this was 3rd time lucky. She had the whole Troupe crying and Sam falling off her chair in excitment. Abbii did however have to hobble up to collect her award after suffering a swollen ankle at Nationals. She also carried on the tradition in carrying the Union Flag




 Following on in her sisters footsteps. Amber Abraham was award colour guard for 2011/2012. Amber Done her first Job as Colour guard at the Mini nationals 2012. Amber was the first person into the hall out of the whole federation. Something that made all us BVTs beam with pride. Amber also has Carried on the BVT tradition by carrying the Union Flag.






These titles are given out to members of the federation who have earnt the highest points within a certain age band.They are given the honour of wear a blue sash that thay can wear in any full uniform comps.The titles are









   In 2005 Katie Bathurst was given the amazing honour of being named UKFM Miniture Twirler . Katie was proud to wear her sash out and about even though when the annoucement was made Katie just sat there not even realising it was her BVT number being called out. Katie was the first person in Blue Vision to have this achievement.  


In 2011 Abi Burgess was Announced as UKFM  Juvenile Twirler. The whole troupe was extremely excited for Abi as we all knew this was something she had been aiming for, for quite sometime. Abi has got alot of Big challenges ahead of her now as she is beginning to have some of her competitions against older and more experianced twirlers but we know Abi can do it.


In 2014 Abbie Cox was annouced at the UKFM Junior twirler. It was very emotional for us all, it took Abbie by surprise and took her a long time to get to the stage to get her sash as she had to get through all the hugs from all us trainers . She is always working super hard on her twirling and We are so proud that this hard work has paid off for her.

In 2015 Ruby was annouced as UKFM MINIATURE and then Mia as UKFM PEEWEE. Both the girls have worked so hard through the season and picked up some amazing results. We are super excited for them for their twirling futures and know they both have the determination to achieve alot. The sashes are extra special this year as they are Red to mark the federations 40th year.



Overall Title

There are 6 of these titles given out at national championships







Each are given out to the member of the federation that has got the highest points in that catergie.

At the 2011 National Championships Sam Bathurst was Awarded the overall Mace Champion for the 2010/2011 season. As you can tell by the size of the trophy this is an amazing honour and achievement



In 2015 Kim Jones was awarded with the Overall Wheel champion trophy for the 2014/2015 season. Kim is an amazing twirler, with incredible skills and is always pushing herself to reach new heights with her twirling.



Through out the years Blue Vision Twirling Team have managed to pick up some amazing troupe awards, we thought we would share a few with you



Outdoor Group (large)- 3rd


Overall Troupe of the Cambridgeshire Region

Individual Loyalty to the Federation- BVT 1 Sarah

Overall Military Troupe of the Federation


Overal Military Troupe of the Federation

Outdoor Group (small) - 1st 


Overall Marching Troupe of the Federation 



Outdoor (large) 3rd



OUTDOOR (large) - 1ST


Overall troupe of the cambridgeshire/Peterbourgh area

3rd Overall miltary marching troupe


Overal marching troupe of the Federation

Overal Military troupe of the Federation


Overall troupe of Cambridgeshire

Overall Military Troupe of the federation

Outdoor group (Large) 2nd


Overall Military Troupe of the federation