Blue Vision

Twirling Team


About the Troupe


Above is a photo of the trainers and all the group trophies that have been won since 2003

It all started one afternoon on our way home from nationals, a few of the parents, girls (and boy) decided to stop at a certain popular fast food resturant for something to eatMoral within the old troupe was rather low at this point so every one got to talking and joked about forming our own new troupe.

From then on everyone's brain was ticking and a few weeks later on the 20th May 2003 Blue Vision Twirling Team was formed.

Since then we have gone from strength to strength each year we have been up and running. None of what we have now wouldn't be possible without the help of our sponsors, Our amazing parents, our Troupe leader and our trainers.

Over the years we have won more trophies than we had ever imagined for solo's duo's and groups at both regional and national level. We have even won some special awards that are only handed out at nationals. 

We take part in competitions from September to April. Then in the summer we take part in local fetes and carnivals

Through our 12 years we have been very lucky in being apart of some great things like 3 London new year parades, 4 members going to America to train with world champions and 2 members being selceted to represent the ukfm and the troupe in Scotland.

We Currenly train 2 nights a week:

Wednesday and Fridays

 6.30- 8.00 Peewees and Juveniles.On occasions Juveniles will be asked to train until 8.30 on a friday only if needed.

7.00 - 8.30 for Juniors.On occasions Juniors will be asked to stay later or train earlier if needed

7.00-9.30 Seniors

( younger peewee members can select to do one night a week but this will limit the competitions they can do through the season)



We currently have 26 members aged between 4 and 33.

 Below is a photo taken from our 5th birthday. Showing all the trophies and Medals we had won in our first 5 years.