Starbase 7-A

Stardate 6013.

Dusting this off finally. Haven't touched it since I was in Walters State...

Long story short, went through a lot of stuff over the years. Grew up a different way. Have a bachelor's now. No significant other yet after all these years; but do have a job. And have considerable knowledge about digital art now. Seeing what I can do with this to bring it up to speed with all the things that've gone on since I've been gone. Enjoy.

Janeil H.

Stardate 6008.

School is done until a week from now when I go back. Let's say my life is basically screwed up, and I need time to sort it out. Hence of that situation, I have not been able to work on it. I'll try some stuff as soon as I have finished submitting this paragraph to see if I can start posting some of my art and/or any shipsets I may have. I'll see if I can get my blog on here, too. I'll attempt to place my older ones so the entire archive is here. Signing off for now,

Janeil H.

Stardate 6007.

July 24th, 2007 1:27 PM EST


 Welcome to my new site. My Geocities one has been sitting around for ages, and I finally decided to get out of a slump and get things going. I have a Facebook & Myspace account in addition to my deviantART account. My brother Andrew is helping me get our Space Empires site back online. He will host it on the business server, discreetly piggybacking on Dad's business website. Thus I can devote my site to whatever I wish.

 Please bear with me while I update and modify. Thanks,

Janiel H.