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My children and I started ghost hunting in June of 2004 and we find it absolutely fascinating! Not only do we get some really great pictures of orbs, (which I know can be almost anything, but we like to keep an open mind), but we've recorded some incredible EVP's (electronic voice phenomenon).  Listed below are the most recent ones we've recorded. To actually capture voices from beyond the grave is proof positive that there are souls that still remain on this earth,and for whatever reason have not crossed over or have found a way to jump between dimensions. It's like barely touching the next dimension with our fingertips, without having to cross over, knowing that it co-exists along side ours, but only a chosen few will ever see. I feel being able to pick up a ghostly voice is a privilege that should not be taken for granted. We're all going to be where they are some day.

My daughters and I find a nice, old, cemetery nearby and go there at dusk. We say a little protection prayer, which never hurts, and then proceed to walk around the cemetery reading the tombstones. As we walk we have the digital recorders turned on and ask that any spirits who may be present to please say something to us. We tell the spirits that we are not here to insult or make fun of them. We are here strictly as investigators and would be honored if they spoke to us. As night begins to fall the digital cameras are brought out to record any anomalies. Over the past few months we have accumulated numerous pictures of orbs at night and during the day, hovering over tombstones or surrounding my car. I realize some can be bugs or pollen, but then again, maybe they're not. Are they the spirits, souls or energy forces of those laid to rest in these hallowed grounds, waiting for a chance to come in contact with the living once more? Do they want to touch our side as much as we, as investigators, want to touch theirs? In any case, we have a great time gathering information and pictures, and the greatest reward of the night comes when we review the recordings later at home and find that a spirit had something to tell us. As you will notice, some ghosts have attitudes.

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Burlington County - Portrait Photographers

Chief Investigator:  Kathleen

Investigative Task Force:   Jaclyn, Lindsey, Matthew    





(A ghostly little girl dressed in blue with what appears to be a white apron. Photo taken at a historical residence in Northern New Jersey by Jaclyn.)


EVP's - Ghostly Voices From Beyond The Grave

  Please turn up your volume for better sound quality.

We've found that the EVPs can be heard the best using Internet Explorer. look like death A.wav  "You look like death." (Springfield Meetinghouse Cemetery, Springfield, NJ). a.wav  A ghostly child whining and then "We should wait until they go." (Jacobstown Baptist Church,  Jacobstown, NJ) child hello.wav  "Hello" (in background) (Residence in Colts Neck, NJ) Paper.wav  "Pen & Paper." (Springfield Meetinghouse Cemetery, Springfield, NJ) raw.wav  "Footsteps and Wheezing" (Springfield Meetinghouse Cemetery, Springfield, NJ)

   Note:  We were standing still and reading tombstones when the footsteps and wheezing occured. huh girl raw.wav  "Girl saying 'Uh huh, uh huh'" (during conversation) (Jacobstown Baptist Church, Jacobstown, NJ) raw.wav  "Gertruda" (Jacobstown Baptist Church, Jacobstown, NJ) This first name appeared on a grave near where the voice was recorded. - raw.wav  "Never!" (Springfield Meetinghouse Cemetery, Springfield, NJ) i am lonely.wav  "I'm lonely" (Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, Pa. - November 2004) take a damn picture.wav  "You don't have to take a damn picture! (Eastern State Penitentiary, Phila. Pa. - Nov. 2004) its hot A.wav  "Wow it's hot in here" (Burlington County Prison Museum, Mt. Holly, NJ - March 2005) up a little bit (Hermitage) A.wav  "Back up a little." This voice was picked up in an empty room during an investigation in a house in Northern New Jersey. Jaclyn was quietly looking at a picture on the wall, no one else was in the room. me out a.wav  "Get me out!" (Jacobstown Baptist Church, Jacobstown, NJ - June 2005) Yeah (a).wav  "Oh Yeah." (Rose Hill Cemetery, Matawan, NJ - November 2005) You can hear this evp after Kathleen says "That's cool looking." No No (a).wav  "No No No!" (Rose Hill Cemetery, Matawan, NJ - November 2005) We picked up this evp when Jaclyn suggested we hold a pendulum over one of the graves and ask it questions. Obviously someone thought that was a bad idea. short.wav  "Mommy!" (Charlie Brown's Restaurant, Hackettstown, NJ - April 2006) While investigating the third floor of this once hotel/brothel, we picked up an EVP of the ghost of a little boy who has been known to roam the halls. He appears to be calling for his mother. alive A.wav  "There Are!" (Springfield Meetinghouse Cemetery - August 2007) This recording was in response to my question. We hunted here during an evening when a storm was on it's way. Sometimes ghostly encounters (and EVP's) are more in abudance because of the electrically charged atmosphere before and after a storm. We actually recorded three EVP's that evening, but this one is the most audible. could I go back A.wav  "Now could I go back?" (Springfield Meetinghouse Cemetery - August 2007) This recording was taken on the same night as the one above it. We believe it's someone with an accent asking if they could go back. Back where? I guess they had seen enough of us and wanted to leave. is strange A.wav  "This is strange." (Odd Fellows Cemetery, Burlington, NJ - May 2008) We picked up this EVP while sitting on a bench inside the Odd Fellows Cemetery. At the time, Jaclyn and I were discussing some new methods of attracting spirits to get EVP's. We paused the conversation for a moment so I could check on my recorder to make sure it was still working. That's when this voice commented on our activities as being "strange".'s Me (Fort Mifflin).wav  "Thats Me!"

  "That's me!" This EVP was captured during our overnight stay at Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia, PA. Jacob was the blacksmith at the fort during the civil war and apparently still haunts his shop to this day. Read about our Fort Mifflin investigation and browse through the photos.  "Get Out" or "Get At It" This EVP was recorded in the hallway of The Marshall House in Savannah, Georgia.


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