Blossoms and Blessings Designs

Spring Butterfly

© May 2001 

Takes 2 shuttles
Leave ends about 2 inches long.

Upper Wing
1 ds, slip paper clip over "ball" thread.
(12 ds. RW
R 8-8 clr) 2x
Ch 6 don't RW R 3-3-3-3-3-3 clr. 6 ds (ring uses "ball" thread) RW
R 8-8 clr. RW
Ch 12 RW
R 8-8 clr RW
Ch 12-3-1 RW
DR 4+4+4+4-5+ (to prev. picot) 4+4-4-4 clr. RW
Ch 1+3+12 RW
R 8+8 clr RW
Ch 12 RW
R 8+8 clr. Join to false picot made by paper clip.

Turn work right to left.
Ch 2, slip paper clip over "ball" thread. Catch one end (antennae) under thread to pull to that side, then back under itself.

Repeat Upper Wing for other side.
Reverse work

S/R 2+(to base of ring on other wing) 7/7 clr
S/R 8/8 clr
S/R 2+6/2+6 clr
S/R 4-4/4-4 clr
S/R 4-4/4-4 clr
S/R 7-2/7 clr

Lower Wing
Ch 9 join to S/R. RW
R 5-3-3-5 clr. RW
Ch 7 join to S/R RW
R 5+3-3-5 clr RW
Ch 9 RW
R 5+3-3-5 clr RW.
Ch 9. Join to bottom picot below heart ring on upper wing)RW
R 5+3-3-5 clr RW
(Ch 9 RW
R 5+3-3-5) 5x
Join to closure of S/R
Ch 2, join to picot on S/R
Repeat Lower Wing for other side.