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Blacklight Metaphysics is a forum for practitioners of the occult to publish and discuss their theories and experiences.  This site features essays on occult topics and a blog for discussing either those essays or other topics of interest.  Please feel free to contact the webmaster if you are interested in submitting material.  Hopefully some of the information you find here will be useful.  If there is a chance that you may find the material on this site offensive or questionable, please read the disclaimer before proceeding.

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Announcements - Updated 17 Feb 2009

My latest essay is finally up.  I did a little bit more housekeeping as well, in an attempt to make the essays more consistent, but there may still be some font issues with tghose annoying question mark symbols popping up.  I removed the forum, mostly because as I initially feared, there really wasn't enough traffic here to justify it.  There appears to be some new options on the blog, however, and I've managed to set it so that members of this site via can make blog posts.  Also due to upgrades and tweaks at my esteemed host site, I have had some trouble with the site counters, so I've removed them until further notice.

I have added a review section!  Anyone who wants to review an essay, website, or book is more than welcome to submit it!

I don't really have anything solid as far as writing goes right now, although I am trying to get some of my old essays published via some new outlets.  My new plan is ti make a strong effort to have at least one update quarterly, including one new essay and perhaps a website review, which I may include in a new section.  Hopefully that will go well.

As always, I'd love some contributions by textually gifted magicians out there!  If you've got something you've written you wouldn't mind seeing here, please feel free to submit it: this goes double if you have something that has already been published elsewhere.

Newest Articles - Updated 15 Feb 2009

Weather Magic, by Chirotus Infinitum

A brief analysis on the theory and application of weather magic.

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