Black Knights Fight Group

Educational & Entertaining Historical Sword Demonstrations

Welcome !

We are a living history group which recreates the historical culture, art, dress, and of course, weapons and combat of everyday life in centuries past. We do this through using historically accurate arms, armour and combat training.

Our goal is to both educate and entertain the  public by doing eye catching and historically accurate demonstrations and presentations using real steel weapons and in the uniforms and armour of the period. We present at schools, fairs, churches, libraries, theaters, living history events, corporate and private functions and more. We also choreograph and perform theatrical fights. The periods of history we span include our major focus the Medieval Knights Hospitaller, but also; the Roman Empire, Gladiators, King Arthur, Musketeers, Pirates, American Revolutionary War & Civil War, the Sherlock Holmes fighting method of Bartitsu and various modern hand combat styles.
Members train regularly in historical combat and research all aspects of it's period setting. Members are expected to be disciplined and professional in their contacts with the public.

So, why do we do all this? Well, it's fun and we enjoy demonstrating living history to the public and incorporating the best of the past into our modern lives. The discipline required in the martial arts helps train our bodies and the study of history challenges our minds.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have and/or to arrange for an educational and entertaining living history demonstration or presentation! We are located in St. Louis, Missouri U.S.A.






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