Daddy's Tavern

                                                                             Curtis E. Gibson   

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Daddy's Tavern is an inspirational study of one man's timid, yet tenacious struggle through a dangerous world of brutality, child abuse, and murder.

Daddy's Tavern is a neighborhood mystery novel, an unconditional love story, and a powerful family drama, all brought together for a memorable and emotional roller coaster ride.

Daddy's Tavern is at the center of a decaying neighborhood--a brutal world of cruelty, murder, and a mysterious man with a camera who is killing the neighborhood children, and he's refining his 'art.'

Daddy's Tavern has been the neighborhood's meeting place since it was first built after the Great Chicago Fire.  Local businessmen often held court to resolve local problems, a tradition that tragically continues with the new owner.

In the beginning, the apartments upstairs held politicians, engineers and their families.  Later they housed the workers from the neighborhood factories.  Now, since most of the factories have closed, the apartments hold broken families who can't afford better, the dysfunctional owner of the tavern, and the street urchin he rescues--a young man who believes that, with the help of the woman who opened his eyes, he might be able to save not only himself, but the dying neighborhood around them.

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Daddys Tavern is a surprisingly beautiful, moving tale. With a powerful sense of atmosphere and word-perfect dialog the author brings all the scents and sights and sounds of 1960s Chicago to vivid life. Maud Avenue and Mels Tavern are peopled with a memorable cast of characters. And the wounds of life are covered over like street-car tracks, patched and reopened and cleansed by the passage of time.

The novel begins with the all-too-believable tale of a lonely woman whose husband is far from home. A child is born out of wedlock, his life blighted by experiences that are never fully described. Vietnam adds to his chapter of pain, but the story lies not in what life has done to him, but in what he can still make out of his life with the help of his friends.

A theme of stolen childhood runs through the novel, a darkness and a sense of pain that moves the reader almost to tears. Mysteries lurk in dark corners. Parents mourn. But hope survives and a beautiful balance is maintained both in the writing and in the plot. By the final page the reader can only pause for breath, closing the covers with delight.

A rare treat, and a wonderful read, Daddys Tavern has taken me to a place that Id love to visit again. And Maud Avenue lives on.

Rating: 5 stars
Reviewer: Sheila Deeth
Reviewed by: Poetic Monthly


Daddy's Tavern by Curtis E Gibson Reviewed By, Jeremy Smiley
Poetic Monthly Reviews

Does one person have the power to make a difference? Can a single person influence a chain reaction? Find out in Daddy's Tavern.

In Daddy's Tavern, Curtis described Maude Avenue with such raw emotion, it's as if you were physically there while reading. Curtis not only gives the reader an image of his characters, but the emotion as well.

In Conclusion: Daddy's Tavern was an exceptional read. I enjoyed the theme, the plot, the characters and what the story has to offer. I'm over whelmed by the impact this story has instilled in myself, the journey of a broken childhood, the struggle to survive and how a single person can bring change for the greater good. Daddy's Tavern was bittersweet, yet an inspiration.
I recommend Daddy's Tavern to those who enjoy: Romance, Action, Drama, Suspense, crime and above all, Inspiration.

I rate Daddy's Tavern 10 stars out of a possible 10

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