The BlackHawks

Introducing The Pure BLACKHAWKS STRAIN.

Strain Origin


BlackHawks are a rare and unique family of working Pigeon. Originated in the Middle-east as a working Birds ,Selecting the ones capable to have the Job done at the fastest time , BlackHawks are ((SAEES))  mean unstopables..

BHawks are capable of out flying Bird of Prey more then a normal racing pigeon .


 .Turkish Sultan(Ottoman Dynasty)  was using the B.hawks for Messages from the middle east to Turkey and part of Europe including Spain (1500Miles).. Al-Ameer Bashir brought a group of "Blackhawks" back from Istanbul in the early 1850's ; a cross of the Sultanbird (instinct) and The Bagdad carriers, is a strong pigeon  .(instinct) However,

The B.hawk bird, is a Low Flying endurance pigeon that was known to fly so Low at a super speed that it would disappear from sight behind grass land curves and waves of Mediteranian Sea. The B.hawks, is a pigeon that was known for rapid flight over The Mediteranian Sea .Istanbul -Beirut= 876 Miles,1027 Miles, Easy flight for the B.hawks.

The Blackhawks  were regularly flown out to 1000 miles. 1300 miles.