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During the days of slavery.... many African women slaves were
also given the role of "doctor" -- for the "master" and for others
who might fall sick.  Those women knew a lot about HERBAL
 HEALING and using natural remedies (oranges, lemons, garlic, etc.)
to heal sicknesses.

In those days... a lot of the White doctors only knew about certain
drugs...use of leeches and other invasive methods to use, which
did not get very good results.

At a time when more men were dying from infection and disease
than from actual combat, HARRIET TUBMAN's healing powers
were welcomed in military camps and  hospitals by both black
 and white Union soldiers.

Moving from bedside to bedside, she dispensed various herbal
and holistic remedies, most of  which she learned trying to survive
on the plantation and later as a “conductor” for the Underground Railroad.

To the surprise of military doctors, a good number of her patients
actually improved and were able to return to battle or be shipped home
in something other than a coffin.

History of Health Care


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 American physician and founder of Provident Hospital in Chicago, credited with the first successful heart surgery.

Williams graduated from Chicago Medical College in 1883. He served as surgeon for the South Side Dispensary (1884–92) and physician for the Protestant Orphan Asylum (1884–93). In response to the lack of opportunity for blacks in the medical professions, he founded (1891) the nation's first interracial hospital, Provident, to provide training for black interns and the first school for black nurses in the United States. He was a surgeon at Provident (1892–93, 1898–1912) and surgeon in chief of Freedmen's Hospital, Washington, D.C. (1894–98), where he established another school for black nurses.

It was at Provident Hospital that Williams performed daring heart surgery on July 10, 1893. Although contemporary medical opinion disapproved of surgical treatment of heart wounds, Williams opened the patient's thoracic cavity without aid of blood transfusions or modern anesthetics and antibiotics.


Dr. George Washington Carver (1864- 1943)      

....created more than 300 products,  including medicines, tonics and massage oils --- from peanuts.

  Dr. Georgia Patton

...first African-American physician in Memphis, TN


James Durham --  the first

African-American physician in the United States

James Durham was a 14-year-old slave when the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia in 1776. Unlike other slaves, Durham, had learned to read and write. As a youngster, he was trained to mix medicines by a physician who bought him from another slave owner. At age 11, Durham was bought by yet another doctor, who taught him to serve and work with patients. When he was 21, Durham bought his freedom and began his own medical practice in New Orleans. His fluency in Spanish, French and English made him a popular doctor and soon one of the city's most distinguished.

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James McCune Smith, received his A.B. in 1835, his A.M. in 1836 and his MD in 1837 from University of Glasgow in Scotland and practiced in New York City until after the War of the Rebellion. He debated John C. Calhoun, the noted Racist and antebellum firebrand politician, U.S. Senator, and Presidential Candidate on the power of the Black Man’s Mind. He was a knowledgeable Master Physician and scholar in several areas.

Dr. Thomas White and John V DeGrasse finished Bowdoin in Maine in 1849. Dr. DeGrasse went to France and studied with Dr. Velpeau, the most noted surgeon of the time. He became fluent in French and German. He returned to America as the ship’s surgeon on the S.S. Samuel Fox. He was one of two Black physicians to serve in combat units in the War of the Rebellion.

David K. McDonough, a young slave benefited from a wager between two slave owners on a Black Man’s intellect, specifically whether a Black man could successfully complete medical training. He was sent to Lafayette College in Pennsylvania and graduated third in his class. He was admitted (1850) to Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, graduated and practiced in New York, having won his freedom with the bet.

Dr. Alexander T. Augusta was born free in Norfolk, Va. He learned to read by "stealth" since it was illegal for a Black person to read in Virginia. He was trained as a barber and went to California during the Gold Rush to earn money for school. Unable to get into a U.S. medical school, he finished at the University of Toronto. He practiced in the Caribbean and Baltimore, Md.

Dr. Charles B. Purvis graduated from "Wigser College", now known as Case Western Reserve University in 1867. He was initially a Union Army Nurse then a physician. He and Dr. Augusta were among the founders of Howard University Medical School.

Dr. Rebecca J. Cole graduated from Women’s Medical College in 1869. She practiced for fifty years. She was the first Black woman of record.











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"He who conceals his disease cannot expect to be cured."

                       ~ Ancient African Proverb



Imhotep, called "God of Medicine," ......"Prince of Peace." 


"In peace"   as his name says---Imhotep is one example of the "personality" of Kemet, whereby a learned sage or otherwise especially venerated person could be deified after death and become a special intercessor for the living.

He was the world's first named architect who built Egypt's first pyramid, is often recognized as the world's first doctor, a priest,. scribe, sage, poet, astrologer, and chief minister, though this role is unclear, to Djoser (reigned 2630–2611 BC), the second king of Egypt's third dynasty. He may have lived under as many as four kings. An inscription on one of that kings statues gives us Imhotep's titles as the "chancellor of the king of lower Egypt", the "first one under the king", the "administrator of the great mansion", the "hereditary Noble",  the "chief sculptor", and finally the "chief carpenter".

Imhotep was worshipped as a god and healer from approximately 2850 B.C. to 525 B.C., and as a full deity from 525 B.C. to 550 A.D. Even kings and queens bowed at his throne. Imhotep lived during the Third Dynasty at the court of King Zoser. Imhotep was a known scribe, chief lector, priest, architect, astronomer and magician (medicine and magic were used together.)


Imhotep's best known writings were medical text. As a physician, Imhotep is believed to have been the author of the Papyrus in which more than 90 anatomical terms and 48 injuries are described. They held a "holistic view" of life--- that all that is --physical, mental, and spiritual---everything is connected.  To the ancient Africans (Nubians) --- we are all part of the larger universe,  made of the same elements. 


He may have also founded a school of medicine in Memphis, a part of his cult center possibly known as "Asklepion, which remained famous for two thousand years. All of this occurred some 2,200 years before the Western Father of Medicine Hippocrates was born.


Herbal medicine is still the medicine of choice for three quarters of the Earth’s population.

HEALTH is a major issue for most of us in modern society.


Epidemics of serious diseases are growing !




The biggest killers of Blacks of all ages:
...* heart disease
...* cancer
...* stroke
...* AIDS
...* accidents
...* homicide
...* diabetes
...* pneumonia 
...* influenza
...* chronic pulmonary diseases-- such as: asthma and bronchitis
...* infant  mortality.

The state of Black health scores  below every other race in the U.S. Every year 250,000 Blacks ---a number  of people equal to the population of Birmingham, Alabama----DIE--- due to well-known diseases....such as: heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. For African Americans, high blood pressure is epidemic. It's the  severe high blood pressure that leads to greater rates of stroke,  heart attack, and kidney failure.  The Depression rate among African American women is estimated to be almost 50% higher than that of Caucasian women.
* AIDS :
Whites with HIV are far more likely to receive advanced drug therapy-a  trend that slowed the White death rate from AIDS by 28% from 1995  to 1996, but by only 10% for Blacks. Blacks account for 57% of  new infections of HIV and by the year 2005, African Americans will account  for 60% of AIDS cases.

The Ancient Africans had spiritual and philosophical systems that are very advanced. The systems that were in use are still more intellectual than most modern religions of today. 

                 The only modern-day  healing knowledge that comes close to encompassing the principles they represent,  to the high level wisdom from Kemet, Nubia and other ancient African systems would be called in our English language today:  many would call it Metaphysics or Holistic---- a good "self empowerment" seminar.

The oldest known use of plants for medicinal purposes was established by an African physician named  Imhotep, who lived in 2980 B.C.  Imhotep is regarded as the real "Father of Medicine". 


Herbs, roots, oils, berries, fruits, and plants were used as medicines in ancient Africa.  The use of herbs as medicine and as aids to health is an ancient African tradition. Thousands of years ago,  African ancestors believed that health was a balance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements.


WHOLISTIC HEALTH:   It is only when a system of medicine recognizes all of these levels in the individual can it be regarded as being truly "wholistic".  If a healing system treats only the physical while ignoring the other levels, it is not taking into account all aspects of a person nor all the elements involved in maintaining true health.


 " When an individual makes a conscious choice to use natural herbs and foods to heal themselves, it encourages a respect for harmonizing one’s self with nature and the universal forces. This is the plan of nature.

          ~ QUOTE FROMThe Way of Herbs by Michael Tierra



Causes for most health problems...


As we witness the aftermath of the horrific shootings in the school in CT...violent acts in Chicago, NY, and other cities...bomb threats…and many other awful acts of violence, abuse, and inhumane events….  WE MUST QUESTION how much our FOOD and the widespread POLLUTANTS play a role in people’s mental health. ...

What are they putting in our food these days???? We know that some of it causes cancer or other diseases…but are the chemicals, additives, pesticides and genetic changes — harming our minds too? There is surely a connection to all this violent behavior…happening in so many places.

And how much is global warming harming our health? It is known that viruses and bacteria thrive in places effected because of acidification…heat, and oxygen depletion. We know that there are some mutations that are occurring in fish and animals. The issues need to be put on the table too....politicians, officials, doctors, and activists must investigate.