Goodbye and farewell...

this is JTM, im not going to continue this legacy of ours...but before i leave i would like to say...This place was great. i will miss it. on the new forums, my name is Mouse6955. Goodbye...forever.

Mondays Update..well not so much and a good Goodbye!

 Well I have been really busy  and will no be on later this week due to going on vacation but I got a new banner up. In other news we have been advertising more then usual and by usual I meen not advertising at all. On the bottom of the page where the link is I have added some advertisement banners to get us members of our very own. So if you are new here and is reading this I suggest joining the forums please and tell people about this place to get us active once again!

July, 30 2007   8:12AM

Edit: Im retireing, this site has  been dead fr way to long same for Nightbreakers. I dont know if JTM wants to continue the legacy but I am done. I'll leave my email so people can contact me but im taking down all my stuff. I'll be making a new forum and will post here shortly. Sorry if I couldn't stick around for TheMCZ's first BDay but really who would there be to celebrate with besides the staff and DR? Nightbreakers is dead and Zonics in denial, people joined and tried to stay active but it was to boring of a site. Andrew also known as Electric Storm in a conversation also told me, to "give it up" we have no active members besides the staff and dr. I was also in denial, I said last year the site would reach over 100 members but that was just a lie. The original forums also went dead and desperatly I formed a partnership with one of the most unactive forums ever. If you guys need me I'll be at my newly made forums and it will be called TheMysticalCommunityZone. If the active people are truley my friends the'll come over and do the same thing they had done for the original The_MCZ_Forums if you all remember.


You Can also catch me on my Xbox 360 account

Dangerous Nights!

Well, after about 2 weeks, i finally post. new series, not replacing EE though :)

Tuesdays Update

Heh I missed Fridays update because I totaly screwed up my computer and its in the shop. But I got FANTASTIC NEWS! Smash Bros comes out DECEMBER 3RD! Oh and new RT: X. December 3rd.....

7/16/07 12:23PM

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