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(1954) former biology, ethics and psychology teacher. During university she had medical assistance courses. Discovering her extrasensory qualities in 1990 she had courses of bioenergy in Chisinau chaired by Pavlov.

Diploma - in 1991 she had special courses at the Parapsycological Research Institute in Moscow,Russia lead by the famous bioenergy therapist Eugenia Davitashvili(Djuna).
Maria Cobileanschi is decorated with the Diploma of Honours from the Accademy of Bioenergetical Scienzes of Djuna Davitashvili for her scientific research in this sector  in 1991 in Moscow.Maria has bio-electro-magnetic qualities out of ordinary.
She also has the ability to feel with her entire body and the palm of her hands the diseases of the people around her and negative energies inside dwellings. She visualizes the aura and accurately diagnoses the patient, even from afar after photography.

The bioenergy treatments have great results in all diseases. Patients in Romania and other countries contact her: Cyprus, Canada, France, Greece, USA, Singapore, Russia,Germany, etc. If she has more than 10 patients a day Maria Cobileanschi can displace at the patient’s home.



(1956) at his origins electric engineer, followed special massage and reflex therapy courses in Chisinau in 1994 chaired by a famous Russian doctor.

He has very strong qualities of magnetism- on his body he can hold different objects: flat iron, spoons, forks, and other plastic and metal objects.

The magnetic human quality helps him to soothe the pain of the patient through reiki (magnetic methods). He performs massages and reflex therapy. He has big achievements in improving the rheumatic diseases, spondylosis, spondylitis, arthrosis, respiratory and neurological (hemiplegia) diseases. 





VICTOR COBILEANSCHI - Doc.Physiotherapist, Vojta Therapist in Oradea 

(1980) born in the Republic of Moldova, the son of Maria and Valeri Cobileanschi, settled with his family in Romania in 1994.

As a boy he began to see the aura of different objects and had an extraordinary intuition.

At 16 years he became his mother’s disciple.


Nowadays Victor finished  the Physiotherapy and Health Recovery University in Oradea(Romania). His knowledge in parapsychology blend with medicine.

He has lots of patients who solicit him thanks to his good results. He work especially with hemiplegics, patients with respiratory, cardiac and urogenitary diseases. He can establish diagnosis through extra sensitive perceptions, aura visualization and on photography.





VICTORIA COBILEANSCHI - Physiotherapist, Bobath Therapist 

-finished University of Medicin and Pharmacy (domain Physiotherapy and Health Recovery) in Iasi,Romania.

-finished  Physiotherapy - VPT Fellbach Schmiden -in Germany,BW.

About some years she work as a Physiotherapist and Bobath Therapist  in Germany, Stuttgart.

She have  experience to work with Patients in:

-Internal Medicine (Intensive Care)

Her paranormal qualities demonstrate as a strong magnetism of her palms – raising objects heavier than 1kg.

She can visualize the Aura since she was 6 years old, her too having extrasensory abilities.

She is her mother’s disciple making bioenergy treatments, establishing complete diagnosis, also after photography and making Reiki treatments with  very good results.

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