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True Phenomena

Even stripped of the showbiz glitz and hype Billy McFarland remains a true Phenomena of the Eighties Music Scene.  A Calculated gamble in reviving the concept of his showband after 15 Years has paid off with spectacular results.

Pleasant Memories

The big Brassy and quite unique sound is echoing out in the crowded dance halls and still in the clubs.  The McFarland sound for what was to become a new generation.  The Arcardia, The Floral Hall, The Orpheus and The Flamingo where he once played to huge audiences are pleasant memories.

End Of An Era 70's

Not that Billy has ever been away from the entertainment scene , of course.  Since the demise of his Student Showband signalled the end of an era in the early 70's .  Billy has been a favourite Cabaret Solo Artist.

But when he sensed the mood moving away from the Disco beat back to live bands Billy decided to swing back the years.


In 1987 Billy put a brand new band back on the road that included New Faces, New Van, New PA System New Arrangements and even a New Trumpet for himself.

"The Idea of fronting a big band never really went away" he explains "The students and I played every Ballroom In Ireland and in England and occasionally USA until inevitably , the fashion changed" he explained.

Then in the 80's Billy tailored his new formed band he had the brassy flavour and his own style of Irish Country giving all the Ballads and a beat and a swing, that was a recipe that gave Billy his success.

Gold & Silver Discs

Billy in the past has received a "Gold Disc" for sales of his record albums.  Billy has also received a "Silver Disc" for the popularity of his single entitled "A Little Peace At A Time".

Billy is one of the real show business characters left a consistent artist who works the circuit only because of his sheer love of entertaining his audiences.  Those audiences were coming from Birmingham, Manchester, Isle Of Man, .

Billy's first round of applause was in Portrush at the age of 12 when he won an open air talent competition on a Summer Holiday, Billy has always wanted to entertain since that day.

Billy still currently plays the circuit mainly in clubs and lots of functions.

Radio Success

Billy has been a favourite on the radio.  Requests for Billy tracks crop up regularly on the airwaves especially since the arrival of Commercial Stations.

Billy has quite a number of albums to his credit.

Billy has been a personal friend of my family for a long time so I can definitely say he is a true Gentlemen.


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