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The Only Fire That Burns

1..The only  fire that burns
2.Isle of Innisfree
3.Rocky Road.
5.I'll take you home again Kathleen.
6.Iknow what it means to be lonely.
8.Two kinds of Tears
9.A love i never had.
10.My Mamma's Waltz
11.A long long time ago.
12.Wave Daddy bye bye.

Back to your Heart

1.Brown To Blue
2.She wears red feathers
3.He'll do for you
4.As usual
5..Trumpet medley.jealous heart
6.Bye bye love
8.Trudy fair.
9.Angel judy
10.I overlooked an orchid.
11..Mama sang a song
12.No more.
13.Ashes of an old love affair
14.Lay me beneath the Rose

Down Through The Years

1.Memory no 1.
2.Coming home.
3.Slowly i'm falling
4.Ma ma please cancel the taxi.
5.DJ for a day.
6.I'll never take you back again
7.Cottage by the lea.
8.If i were a blackbird.
9.Molly malone.
10.Royal telephone.
11.Mama sang a song.
12.Your free to go.
13.Men with broken hearts.
14.Out of the blue.
15.Please be gentle.
16.For all i know.
17.Silver threads among the gold.
18.Harvest moon.
19.Drunken driver.
20.Mother went a walking.
21.Old doc brown
22.Be careful of stones that you throw


01.When he Cometh
02.He bought my soul through death at canvary
03.Lord i'm coming home
04.Each step of the way.
05.How great thou art.
06.Pastor's on vacation
07.Coming home
08.The old rugged cross
09.The lords my shepherd
10.Beyond the sunset
11.The same road
12.Don't take my cross away.


01 no tears my lady.
02.just pretending.
03.roses love sunshine
04.rathlin island.
05.a little piece at a time
06.brown to blue.
07.trumpet medley.jealous heart/any dream will do/send me the pillow
08.i overlooked an orchid
09.truly fair.
10.angel judy. more.
12.she wears red feathers.
13.rose of mooncoin.
14.carry me back to mayo.
15.the spinning wheel.
16.will the angels play there harps. carmen.
18.galway bay
19.little rosa.
20.she wears my ring.
21.the older the violin.
22.oh my pa pa.
23.god's little corner

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