Welcome to Bigkgamer.com / [#0nE!] Clan!!!

We bring family to the gaming community where you
can back stab your brother in law! (Or shoot your mother) j/k

We try to keep all servers clean of any language because we know that
the younger generation like to play M Rated games. (+17 years of age according to the ESRB)
We try our best to enforce the rules but we do need help from the community.

We have provided a way so that people can donate via paypal to help with the server
costs. In return for donating we will provide admin access to the servers as our gift to you.

Please feel free to join our community and have fun. All my server's are in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A and I do have a wide range of games available
for any one to play on. If you would like to see what server's I have available feel free to click on the "Game Servers" tab.
One popular series on both the Xbox 360 & and PC is Left 4 dead. Which I do have servers for! Have fun!




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