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NEWS 10/16/07

New stage release and update

Flora Field

Stages>Other Stages>page2

Cavern of tears has been updated. It now looks all 3D like and stuff...
Stages>Other Stages

News 8/24/07

New stages released

stages>other stages

Open Source

Stages>Street Combat


Cavern of tears (rain storm)/Midnight cavern released.

Stages>Other stages


Hornet Hole stage released

Stages section is more neat again. Also, Mainbrace Mayhem's mp3 volume has been increased. YES YOU CAN ACTUALLY HEAR IT NOW.


2 new stage releases

Go get them in the stages section.


2 new stages released.

stages section is more neat now also.

NEWS 5/31/07

New stage release:

SoR stage 8 edit
go get it in the stages section.

NEWS 5/24/07

SF3 Birdie is now hosted at my site without permission. I didnt want the char to go to waste so I figured there would be no harm in hosting in before I get permission, the creator can  tell me to take it down if he decides he does not want anyone to host it.

NEWS 5/23/07

New template, new stage, more to come.

News 4/19/07

Major construction going on atm, you can expect some new things from me, including my first stage (which will be a very mediocre one). And possibly new W.I.P.'s

News 3/25/07

I'm back after a long enough break I'm getting back into palettes and slowly back into figuring out how to create chars and stages. The site will be under construction as well. Expect random updates from time to time...

News 1/1/07


Problem solved. Although I've lost everything in the process. Expect random updates over the next month including new palettes and WIP's

Bad News 12/20/06

There wont be anymore updates until I can figure out the problem with fighter factory. I might have to run a system restore. Will keep you posted....

news 12/11/06


  • 2 new tutorials added
  • Goldie Psylocke palette
  • 2 Zero palettes
  • OJ Ryu palette
  • 2 cciKula palettes
  • 2 NBC Hanzo Palettes
  • valentine Marisa palette
  • 3 predator warrior palettes
  • WIP page added

Thats it. I cant make the kyo, terry, and Iori palettes I wanted to make because when you do ANYTHING to one of Sander71113's chars. they become extremely glitchy So I will possibly make palettes for ccikyo, cciKusanagi, and other KOF chars. check back next week for more. Also, some of SonicX's Palettes have updated DL's

news 12/04/06


Now I can finally get to work on the SNK palettes, Thats right folks. I still have'nt started those whole pal packs I promised.

You can find new palettes in all sections Including....

  • Comode Serika
  • Juggernaut
  • 5 Cyclops palettes
  • Anita
  • Evil Ryu
  • Evil Ken

Thats all for now, I'm off to work on those SNK palettes. Expect regular updates every week. And BTW the site might move a bit slower now, but bare with me. I'm planning on paying for the premium account soon, but I'm still not sure.

news (early update) 12/01/06

Updated the tutorials section, How to add music to mugen added.

Added two new pages. SonicX's mugen palettes with downloads. And Marvel palettes

Added some authors names of a few chars.

Downloads will be up monday afternoon.

news 11/27/06

added the tutorials section so this site does'nt just sit here.

added pics of upcoming palettes

check back next week for more...

news 11/26/06

The downloads will be up soon, and more palettes will be added. but for now I have to wait that whole week to be able to upload files. and I will possibly get a premium account soon. here are some pals to wait for while I fix everything up

Multi-colered Saber zero- I plan to keep MVC Zero Red but give him different color sabers. Like red, blue, yellow, gray, etc. for each pal. I also plan to make various other Zero pals

Evil Ryu and Ken pals - change the color of fireballs etc

Multi-colered potemkin pals - same as zero, potemkin will have every color normal except his armor which will be multi-colored for each pal, and various other Potemkin pals as well as other GGX chars

Kyo, Ryo, Iori, and Terry pals - whole pal packs

check back for more updates....

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