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Here at Big Caliber Pits we believe in breeding some of the finest game pitbull dogs. We think that the Boudreaux/Carver dogs are the best combination around, although there are a lot of bloodlines out there 90% will be bred off this powerful mix. Some of our dogs  feature Chinaman, JeepRascal, Patrick's, Nigerino, and some great crosses of  R.O.M. dogs around. We've been breeding since 1990 and we never have been into puppy mill breeding, we make only about two to four breeding a year. We raise most of our pups to find the percentage of them that are worthy to carry on the desired traits of the game dogs. We have  more dogs  than we are featuring on this site. Our dogs are ADBA and SDR registered.


Hobby Breeder, Dogs are not sold or raised for illegal purposes


(404) 435-8061

No calls after 12 midnight, EST.

E-Mail: bigcaliberpits@yahoo.com

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