Club Bbq

Club bbq is set for the begining of october, hopfully for when the Tramore boys are coming over. Beer time guys (",)

The Irish Lads

 The Tramore surf club are set to come over to Wales September October time.

The Bica Club members in Ireland with the Tramore Surf Club back in September 2007 

For information about the Tramore Surf Club check out there site

 The 70's night

 For all thows interested there is a 70's night in the Pentre Arms on the 4th of July. Fancy dress every one.





 Bica surf club is a surf/beach clean group in the Ceredigion area, the club was founded by Pob Thomas in the winter of 2007 and now has a strong and viberant membership of over 30 members and growing. The club meets monthly at the Pentre Arms in llangranog to discuss local enviromental problems and organise surf competitions in partnership with Walkin' On Water surf school, and last year were the proud organisers of The Borth Masters.

The name BICA was used as it is the name of a local land mark pictured below and also stands for Beaches In the Ceredigion Area.

Above Carreg BICA (the devils tooth as ledgend tells)




Some pictures taken by Emily of a classic sunset, small surf and crowded waters.

Taken by Emily


 Check out the new Photos taken by Hedz Llewelyn on 26th of June 08 when she sat on the rocks in the pooring rain and got a cracking sequence of Bobby surfing straight into BICA.


 A smal, juncky day but it had been flat for ages so we were stocked by it. Filmed by Hedz Llewelyn and ceri.