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Welcome and Keep it Real.

This website is for anyone interested in The Muckers and Blackpool FC.

Blackpool always had some very good Firms such as The Seaside Mafia, The Rammy Arms Crew, Bennys Mob and the last Firm - BISONS. Back in the mid 1980s Blackpool hit the National Headline news when they were listed as being in the Top Six of clubs with the largest hooligan element. However, in recent years Away fans have been virtually left to run riot in and around Blackpool at matches as there has been no organised Firm left.

Step forward The Muckers a group of lads originally numbering a maximum of about 25. The 2006/2007 season has seen though a rapid increase in their numbers and The Muckers are now a much bigger Firm. And it is not only younger ones, as more and more of the Older faces are coming back to join in the fun as they see how The Muckers are growing.

Over the past year The Muckers have faced a number of tests and each time they have done what they had to do, whether that be Nottm Forest, Huddersfield, Bradford City, Oldham and others. These and other Clubs Firms are starting to recognise that Blackpool is no longer a place to run riot and that The Muckers are here and here to stay.

We are The Muckers, we come from the sea!

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