The Mongol Rally 2007

Team 'Betting It All On Luck'

Welcome to our Mongol Rally team webpage! 

Hi Guys, we set off on are great adventure on Saturday, so please check our NEWS page regularly to see how we're progressing ...

Also we've almost made our targets for the two charities we've only have 70 pounds left to raise for Mercy Corps and have exceeded the target for CAMDA.

Thank you to everyone that has sponsored our team and donated to the charities, we wouldn't have been able to begin this adventure without your support.


Our team name we feel has been chosen to suit the adventure that lies ahead of us.....Quite literally this is what our team will be doing this summer for roughly 4 weeks!

On the 21st of July 2007, 200 cars will gather in London's Hyde Park and we will be one of them! These 200 cars will take part in an epic road trip from London to Ulan Bataar in Mongolia.

The main aim of this adventure is to raise money for charity....the minimum each team has to raise is 1000, although of course over the years the rally has been running, teams have managed to raise much much more and we hope to do the same!

The rules of the rally are simple, take: 

  • One rust bucket to be under 1000cc (yes its not likely to be a rally car, but thats the whole point....where would the challenge and fun be otherwise?!)
  • 1000 minimum to be raised through fundraising and sponsorship (come on people get generous its all for a massively good cause!)
  • Some gaffa tape
  • And finally......2 people to drive the rust bucket 10,000 miles - that's 1/4 of the way around the world to Mongolia!

Mix together and you get the trip of a lifetime and hopefully plenty of memories and stories to tell people for a long long time!

We've set this website up to show you all what we're doing, how we're doing it and also our progress before and during the rally.

Please have a look through the site, particularly the charities and donations page, we need all the help we can get but don't worry we'll be putting in plenty of efforts ourselves! To sound cliche....every little helps!


Also if you are a company interested in sponsoring us please do go to the sponsorship page, whatever you can offer will help us, for more details click here.


Please check the News section regularly to see our progress leading up to and during the event!

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