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Beth Murch

Providing Waterloo Region With Experienced, Nurturing, Good-Humoured Doula Care


Newest Members

Professional Precis

Lectures Given

Supporting Survivors of Sexual Assault with Breastfeeding - Breastfeeding Buddies Conference, 2012 

Birth Trauma: Legitimacy, Cultural Considerations, and Professional Realities - Social Equity Forum, Wilfrid Laurier University, School of Social Work, 2012

 Natural Childbirth as Environmental Justice - University of Waterloo, 2013

 Birth Activism -Social Action Forum, Wilfrid Laurier University School of Social Work, 2013 

Birth Trauma: Healing Relationships as a Co-Constructed Process  -Wilfrid Laurier School of Social Work, 2013 

Radical/Anarchist Birth - KW Anarchist Book Fair, 2014

 Doulas, Reproductive Health Policy, and Reproductive Justice - Wilfrid Laurier University, 2014

 Supporting Families Who Have Experienced Trauma - Guelph Doula Network, 2015

Supporting Survivors of Sexual Assault & Other Traumas to Reach their Infant Feeding Goals - Community Breastfeeding Collaborative of Guelph, 2016


Workshops Created & Facilitated 

Doulas & Reproductive Justice - Revolutionary Doula Training, 2015

Placenta Love <3 - Revolutionary Doula Training, 2015

The Politics of Unassisted Birth - Revolutionary Doula Training, 2015

Gender Diversity for Doulas - Revolutionary Doula Training, 2015

Anti-Oppression & Social Justice in Birth Work Revolutionary Doula Training, 2015

Anatomy & Physiology for Doulas - Revolutionary Doula Training, 2016

Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding For Doulas Revolutionary Doula Training, 2016

How the Light Gets In: Doulas & Caesarean Sections Revolutionary Doula Training, 2016

Alphabet Soup: The FAQ and 411 on VBAC Revolutionary Doula Training, 2016

Waterbirth for Doulas Revolutionary Doula Training, 2016

Doulas & Trauma Revolutionary Doula Training, 2016

Conceiving Your Story: Telling Tales - Birth and Beyond Conference, 2016

Birthing Your Story: Telling Tales - Birth and Beyond Conference, 2016


"When a Mother is a Father" by Peter Van Hiel for OutVisions Magazine. September 10, 2012.

"Power to the People, One Birth at a Time" by Alexandra Bissley for The Community Edition. October 6, 2016.


"In'Shallah" in Bearing Witness: Chidbirth Stories Told By Doulas. Edited by: Dr. Lisa Doran and Lisa Caron.CANADA: Fox Women's Books, 2010. 

"Birth By Hand" in Joyful Birth. Edited by: Dr. Lisa Doran and Lisa Caron. CANADA: Fox Women?s Books, 2012 

"Queering Childbirth" in Proud Magazine. May, 2012


 Post-Certification Continuing Education

I feel very strongly that it is the responsibility of all birth professionals to pursue ongoing training, new educational opportunities, and additional certifications.

Supporting Families Through Perinatal Loss: A Workshop For Childbirth Professionals - created and facilitated by Miriam Maslin (May, 2008, April 2010)

Birth Matters - created and facilitated by Ina May Gaskin (April 2011)

A Critical Survey of Abortion Rights and Reproductive Justice in Canada - University of Waterloo (September - December, 2011)

When Survivors Give Birth - created and facilitated by Penny Simkin (April 2012)

Global Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights - Lund University (April - June, 2015)

Perinatal Practitioner Training: Connecting with the Full Spectrum - Building Skills to Support All Pregnancy Outcomes - created and facilitated by Christy Hall (June 2015; October 2016)

Courting Pennyroyal: Herbal Allies for Contraceptive Care - created and facilitated by Andi Grace (April 2016)

Working With Refugees - created and facilitated by Rivka Cymbalist (October 2016)

Current VBAC Considerations - panel discussion with Ina May Gaskin, Jodi Hall, Sheila Stubbs, Kat Garduno, and Erika Kafka (October 2016)

Birth Noise - What Are We Hearing About Right Now? - created and facilitated by Ina May Gaskin (October 2016)

Fear: The Driving Force Behind Modern Birth Culture - created and facilitated by Lesley Everest (October 2016)

Bearing Witness to Infant Loss - created and facilitated by Melissa Krawecki (October 2016)

How Obstetrical Violence is an Extension of Gender-Based Violence - panel discussion with Jodi Hall, Christy Hall, Ina May Gaskin, Lesley Everest, and Erich Otten (October 2016)

Trauma-Informed Birth - created and facilitated by Jodi Hall (October 2016)

Shoulder Dystocia - created and facilitated by Ina May Gaskin (October2016)

Sissies, Tomboys and Doulas: Unpacking Gender Essentialism in Birthwork - created and facilitated by Erich Otten (October 2016)

When Birth Workers are Trauma Survivors - created by Jodi Hall and facilitated by Christy Hall (October 2016)

Compassionate and Mindful Care for Families that have Experienced or are Preparing to Experience Infant Loss - created by Pregnancy and Infant Loss (PAIL) Network, and facilitated by Cori DuHasky (November 2016)

Volunteer Experience

Family & Children's Services of Waterloo Region - 2009 - Present

Positions: Doula Services, General Volunteer

Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region - 2010-2013

Positions: Crisis Line Volunteer, Public Education, Police and First Responder Training, Medical Treatment/Police Station/Court House Accompaniment, Board of Directors, Marketing Committee, Doula Services

Kitchener-Waterloo Poetry Slam - 2012 - 2016

Positions: Slam Master (Community Organizer), Public Education, Emcee, competitive poet

AL CONTROL & House of Friendship - 2014 - Present

Position: Workshop Facilitator for Residential Rehabilitation Centre for Substance-Involved Women