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Our Distributor Testing

Our distributor tester is designed to conduct tests on complete distributor ignition systems.

The tester has a heavy duty one horsepower D.C. motor with electronic speed control clockwise & counter clockwise rotation to drive the distributor up to 7500 rpm - which equals 15,000 rpm engine speed. 

Through this it allows us to use multiple power supplies to activate the various components under test with a brilliant strobe xenon flash lighting that has protractor for spotting worn cams, bent rotors or intermittent electronic modules and accurately display the speed of the driven distributor .

We can display the cam angle, points resistance, and condenser capacitance and condition with our analog cam angle meter.

We have selector switching for testing electronic ignitions with and without coils as well as standard systems with and without coils. Selector positions are also used for testing modules, coils, and pick-up coils.

Also many more tests can be conducted with our testing machine.





We Also have a wide range of facilities to Build, Repair and Remanufacture your ignition systems.



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