Best Cigarettes

Best Cigarette Brands

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After a detailed investigation into all the major cigarette brands we have selected what we think is the best options for smokers. We take into consideration firstly and most importantly the overall quality of a cigarettes, this includes the production standards, tobacco standards, and pricing and popularity also plays a big part.

Marlboro Cigarettes

The best option for smokers is undoubtedly the Marlboro brand for cigarettes. For sales and reputation no other brand comes close to that of Marlboro cigarettes. Marlboro has a complete range of cigarettes that smokers can choose from in terms of flavours or tastes of cigarette:


Menthol cigarettes

Light cigarettes

Full Flavour cigarettes

Non Filter cigarettes

Mild cigarettes

Regular cigarettes


All smokers and non-smokers are in fact very familiar with the brand name Marlboro. Marlboro cigarettes became popular mainly because of its heavy advertising on billboards and magazines, everywhere you looked you saw Marlboro cigarettes in one form or another. During the times of the world war saw huge drops in sales for Marlboro and others, where they were forced to remove their cigarettes and stopped selling up un-till the 1950’s. The removal of their cigarettes from the market didn’t seem to affect sales once they were re-entered although. The status and popularity of the Marlboro brand and Marlboro cigarettes has grown and grown to unreachable levels. 

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Camel Cigarettes

Camel cigarettes are a very well recognised brand of cigarettes all over the world, but in America they seem to be most favourable. The milder and stronger taste that you get from a camel cigarette makes them appeal to a huge audience over the world. In places like Eastern and Southern Europe, some African areas, and all over America they are extremely popular. The tobacco blend used in Camel cigarettes consists of a mix of U.S. tobacco and Turkish tobacco leaves.


Taste went along way in helping the reputation of camel cigarettes improve so much, but advertising also played an immense factor for camel cigarettes getting so popular.  The use of catchy and clever slogans got Camel cigarettes on the tips of everyone’s tongues. Camel in fact released a carton character that ended up being destroyed due to the influence it was having on children was not looked at pleasantly.

Newport cigarettes

The Newport brand supply very cheap cigarettes, only being of the menthol kind of cigarette. For menthol cigarettes they have been dominating that end of the market since their introduction. Marlboro although leads this area too now after introducing a new menthol range not long ago.


One factor that has helped Newport cigarettes become so recognised is the potency of the cigarettes that they produce. They are probably the most high density cigarette around for the strength and amounts of tar and nicotine that is used. There seems to be quite a market for a stronger cigarette in which Newport has discovered. Higher nicotine and tar levels can obviously mean higher health risks; then again smoking fewer cigarettes in a day will probably equal the same intake of these toxins than other cigarettes. Nevertheless Newport cigarettes are probably the top option in cigarettes for a high potent cigarette.


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