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Guinea pig Breeder of Rex, Teddies, Golden agouti, Magpie/Harlequin, & pets

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FOR SALE PAGE UPDATED 29th November  2018

NURSERY PAGE.. ...Next litters due February 2019


We are a small family stud in Devon/Cornish borders. NEAREST 


Mobile 07482598825

We breed and show a variety of breeds, Teddy/Golden , Cinnamon Agouti Chocolate Agouti and also Abyssinian and pretty 

Pets. I also  Judge pets at local shows.we usually have pigs for sale,

 sometimes there maybe a waiting period if you want a particular breed. Any 

questions please feel free to email me mobile 07482598825


We welcome pet homes.

We have been breeding Guinea pigs for over 30 years.

Hope you like our web-site and please feel free to leave a message in the 

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Thanks for looking

Stuffie and me, my first guinea pig.


The oldies village, where our retired sows live.






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