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CDR. Ilkka "Jim" E.J. BOWLES, OBE

  • 1941 Sep Joined RN Naval Air Service at Lee on Solent 1941 Nov Moved to RNTE Rosyth Scotland BENBOW Division
  • 1942 Nov Moved to RNTE BENBOW Division Clayton Hall at Newcastle-u-Lyme Staffs
  • 1944 June Passed out as Air Fitter Airframes - moved to RNAS Arbroath
  • 1944 Nov Moved to RNAS Invergordon sent to Daedalus 2 transit camp.
  • 1945 Moved to Eglington N Ireland HMS Gannet Hellcat 891Sqdn. Leading Air Fitter Moved to Nutts Corner NI VE day sent to Daedalus 2 transit camp then to HMS Waxwing transit camp
  • 1946 Moved to HMS Holmsound, Aircraft repair ship at Boness, Firth of Forth in support of Far East Fleet.
  • 1946 Drafted to Worthy Down Hants and thence to RAF Henesford for Artificer course on engines. Passed as AA 4th class
  • 1947 Drafted to RNAS Arbroath, Drafted to HMS Siskin for ab-initio flying on Tiger Moths but failed 11 hr flight check. Drafted to RNAS Lossiemouth HMS Fulmar - Inspection office.
  • 1949 Upperyardman scheme opened to AA's - worked for Commissioned Air Engineer - just within age limit imposed.
  • 1949 Aug Took Upperyardman examination, Sept Drafted to sea HMS Illustrious for qualifying sea time. Ship was Trials and Training
  • 1950 Jan Results promulgated - Failed in Pure maths paper. Mar AFO - Because of complaints from the Fleet the Age Limit for entry tocommission was being waived for one year. Aug Retook the examination in the ship at Weymouth - billeted at RNAS Lee-on-Solent to await results. Passed exam, medicals and the subsequent Admiralty Interview Boards. Appointed HMS Hawke, Dartmouth.
  • 1951 Sept Promoted Sub Lieutenant - Appointed RNC Greenwich.
  • 1952 Appointed Keyham Plymouth. Basic Marine Engineering
  • 1953 Appointed HMS Superb - to obtain Engine room Certificates. Flagship C in C at Coronation Spithead Revue and deployed to Eastern US seaboard, Canada and the West Indies.
  • 1954 Appointed RNEC Manadon for Air Engineer Specialisation and was awarded 1st Prize. Chief Fewings was on the Staff and it was good to see him again.
  • 1955 Appointed RNAS Abbotsinch Workshops Officer then Inspections Officer.
  • 1956 Aug Married in Norwich - producing aircraft for the Suez crisis.
  • 1957 Oct Appointed Cranfield University for 2-year "Dagger" course, I specialised in Aircraft Production Engineering - Awarded 1st Prize.
  • 1959 July Appointed AEO 894 Venom Mk21 Night fighter squadron based at RNAS Yeovilton. Bill Lucock was the Chief and he was a tower of strength. Unfortunately, he left the Squadron before we sailed.
  • 1960 Feb Joined Albion for Far East deployment : Gibraltar - Malta - Athens - Suez - Aden - Singapore - Hong Kong - Seul - Japan - Phillipines - Hong Kong - Butterworth - (*daughter born*) - Seletar - Karachi - Mombasa - Aden - Suez - Portsmouth.
  • 1960 Dec Back at Yeovil in time for Christmas!
  • 1961 Mar Appointed Naval Air Department at the R.A.E Bedford (Thurleigh) Memories of fatal crashes in Albion led me to flight deck lighting development and luminous deck lighting. Gave a presentation to Captain "Winkle" Brown DNAW after he rejected the US Bell auto landing system. Wrote a Flight Deck Magazine article on the subject.
  • 1963 June Appointed Forward Planning Officer RNAY Belfast. Introduced CPA (Critical Path Analysis) and developed a new turnaround system for refurbishment of Naval Sea Vixen and Buccaneer aircraft cutting times from two years to six months and then to three months!!. Second daughter born. At this time I suffered badly from Hiatus Hernia, was sent to Military Hospital for tests but having seen no doctor after three days discharged myself from the Army hospital to do a Presentation at Portsmouth. on the aircraft turn rounds using CPA.
  • 1966 June Appointed Senior Engineer RNAS Lossiemouth and in 1967 Captain "Winkle" Brown was appointed as Commanding Officer.
  • 1968 June Promoted Commander and appointed the Project Officer BH7 Hovercraft. It included a CPA contract. I had three years for the project and a three million pound budget. It transpired that the Company had used minimum costs in order to get the contract assuming that the naval authorities would want to change the specification and then items could be re-costed and brought into line with improved profitability. However, I would not let the Navy change the specification unless separately funded and changes for safety reasons were covered by contingency factors built in. It was not a popular policy with the Company or with the Navy but the project was completed on time within budget.
  • 1971 March Appointed Head of Engineering RNAS Culdrose.
  • 1973 April Appointed Production Manager of RNAY Belfast - At this time the Yard was being transferred to the Royal Air Force who had taken over the overhaul of all fixed wing aircraft with the Navy being made responsible for rotary wing craft. It was an emergency short-term job because the original appointee had an accident and it was essential that a person be there with previous experience of the Yard. Aug Appointed MOD - Naval Aircraft Department - Head of Fixed Wing Naval Aircraft.
  • 1974 June Appointed MOD - Naval Aircraft Department - Head of Future Projects - Oversaw the introduction of the Sea Harrier and the Ski Jump, Lynx Helicopter and a number of other innovations including the Air Department's inputs on the new Carriers and Sea King replacement.
  • 1978 Sept Retired RN - Commenced Post Graduate Teacher Training at Keswick College under auspices of Cambridge University.
  • 1979 Jan Awarded OBE in Honours List for contributions to Naval Aircraft Engineering. Feb Initial Teaching Practice Costessy Secondary Modern School. June Final Teaching Practice - Norwich City College Engineering Dept. Sept Joined College as part time lecturer in Management Studies. Accepted the invitation to become President of the Norwich Branch of the Royal Naval Association (still in office)
  • 1980 Sept Appointed Lecturer II in Management Dept.
  • 1982 Jun Made Lecturer I
  • 1984 Sept Made Senior Lecturer.
  • 1989 Jun Early Retirement from City College. 1985 - 2003 Visited the USA a number of times visiting Niagara Falls - Boston - New York - Washington - Buffalo - Los Angeles - Grand Canyon - Hoover Dam - Las Vegas - Atlanta - Wilmington - Richmond - Washington again & Florida.
  • 2000 Feb Appointed Trustee and Manager of WA Hindle Trust.

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Geoffrey J. BROUGHTON    (Died 26-06-2005)

  • 1941/44...Naval Air Apprentice (A) - Seafield Park - MTE Rosyth - RNATE Newcastle under Lyme
  • 1944/45...RNAS Arbroath - RNAS Evanton - LAF(A)
  • 1945........Middle Wallop for MONAB 9 but caught dermatitis - kit went with Monab 9 without Geoff. - reunited a year later.
  • 1946........RNAS Ta Kali (Malta) - POA/F(A)
  • 1947........RAF Hednesford
  • 1948/50...RNAS Abbotsinch - AA4 - AA3
  • 1950/52...RNAS Culham - i/c Storage for DH Hornet and Mosquito
  • 1952/53...HMS Daedalus - 813 Squadron (Firebrands)
  • 1953/56...RNAS Culdrose - workshops - inspection dept. - became manager of Culdrose football team which won the Davey Cup.
  • 1956/57...RNAS Eglinton - 815 Squadron (Gannets) - transferred to 812 Squadron - HMS Eagle
  • 1957/58...RNAS Ford - inspection dept.
  • 1958/62...MOD St.Giles Court - seconded to Blackburn's at Brough - development work on the NA39 - Bedford - Holm on Spalding Moor -Boscombe Down - Buccaneer SMP
  • 1962/64...HMS Albion - i/c fwd workshop - operations around Borneo.
  • 1965/66...RNAS Yeovilton - workshops
  • 1965........HMS Victory for Demob.

In civil life, bought a bungalow in my home town and decided to find work close to home. Worked as a bench fitter with English Electric. After two years moved seven miles down the road to work with Ever Ready Co. Wrote all of the maintenance schedules for the factory. Later took over as Engineering Buyer. After eleven years there, the factory closed and moved to the Midlands. I took redundancy.
The last five years - worked at Coldate in the service department and then to Paxmans in the inspection department. I then became a fully fledged Geriatric.

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Gordon Curtis "Gordie" EVANS L/FX/87533

  • 1941/44...Naval Air Apprentice(E)-Seafield Park-RNATE Torpoint and RNATE Newcastle-under-Lyme.
  • 1944...AF(E)...RNAS Eglinton; RNAS Waxwing; SS Esperence Bay (on draft).
  • 1945...LAF(E)...RNAS Seruwa (Ceylon)-RNAS Sular(India)for workshop,repair & minor inspections- Woodhouse Barracks(Bombay)- Transit Camp Chembar(India)-HMS Balolo-Transit Camp Bedhampton.
  • 1946...PO.AF(E)...Pilotless A/C Unit Brawdy-HMS Theseus(14th.CAG)-RNAS Maydown-HMS Theseus-RNAS Bambara (Ceylon)-HMS Theseus.
  • 1947...SS Cheshire-RNAS Lee-on-Solent-RNAS Worthy Down- RAF Hednesford for airframe conversion course-rated AA4- RNAS Lee-on-Solent.
  • 1948...PO`s course (Kingsmoor)-NAMDU (Lee)-HMS Glory (transit).
  • 1948...HMAS Sydney(on loan to RAN)20th.CAG- HMAS Albatross(Nowra)- HMAS Penguin(transit)-RMS Chitral.
  • 1951...RNAS Lee-on-Solent-RNAS Ford(1840 RNVR squadron)
  • 1952...AA2...NARIU RNAS Gosport
  • 1954...Instructional Technique Course at (Bedhampton)-RNAS Lossiemouth (738sqdn.Sea Hawks)
  • 1955...RNAS Lee-on-Solent for discharge.

Hometown-Chatham, Kent. 1955 onwards:- CAV Ltd. Rochester--Tool room, milling, jig boring. Milling/Bench Instructor in the Engineering School
1961...Emigrated to New Zealand initially to work for Tasman Empire Airways Ltd.--instead worked for a Shipping Repair firm, milling/tool & cutter grinding.
1963...Emigrated to Australia.--Set up a new Engineering School for Apprentices and Tool Setters for Lucas Ltd -- continued until 1980 until the firm closed -- retrenched.
...Started gardening and became an odd job man and am still going strong in 2003


1...Represented RN in All Services Boxing in Colombo 1947 for the Leyton Cup. Lost on points in the semi-final to a Ceylonese police sergeant.
2...Aukland Suburbs hockey team in 1961.
3...Founder member of the Amateur Winemaking Guild-was its Secretary for 29 years.
4...My longest project:- a 21 year restoration of a 1929 R.E.O.Flying Cloud sports sedan. To date I have done 5 weddings and have won 4 car rally awards.
....I think our "Gobbies" did a good job on us !!.... 

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John Stanley "Chick" FOWLER

  • 1941/44...Naval Air Apprentice (L) - Seafield Park-MTE Rosyth and RNATE Newcastle-under-Lyme
  • 1944/45...RNAS Arbroath AF(L)
  • 1945/46...RNAS Sulur (India) LAF(L)-POAF(L)
  • 1946........RNAS Trincomalee
  • 1946/48...RNAS Worthy Down-Instructor AA4(L)-EA4(Air)
  • 1948/49...RNAS Arbroath-Instructor to Apprentices - EA3(Air)
  • 1949/51...RNAS Lee-on-Solent - i/c Electrical Workshop.
  • 1951........HMS Ariel, Warrington - (qualifying course for CEA)
  • 1951........RNAS Yeovilton - Instructor.
  • 1951/54...803 Squadron - HMS Eagle and RNAS Ford - EA2(Air)
  • 1954........RNAS Worthy Down - i/c Equipment & Trials Unit - CEA(Air)
  • 1954........USN Air Station,Key West,Florida - Homing weapons course.
  • 1954........On loan to HMS Vernon for British trials of homing torpedo and instructional duties.
  • 1956........March 23rd. - left RN. 1956/57...Technical Officer at MOD Admiralty
  • 1957/58...Technical Instructor at Bristol Aircraft Co. For Britannia 300.
  • 1958/66...Instructor - BEA.
  • 1966/72...Senior Technical Training Officer - British Airways.
  • 1972/84...Assistant Engineering Training Superintendent- BA -- took early retirement. Licensed Aircraft Engineer - F.R.Ae.S...C.Eng...D.M.S.
  • 1984/94...Administration - Portatel/G&H Video Services Ltd. - second retirement

Past Churchwarden and P.C.C. Secretary St.Mathew`s,Ashford Middx. Enjoy reading, current affairs, waterclour painting, darts and D.I.Y. Which takes much longer now than in the past....Keeping up with large family, currently 4 children, 10 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.   

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  • 1941/44...Naval Air Apprentice (E) - Seafield Park - Torpoint - Newcastle u Lyme
  • 1944........RNAS Arbroath AF(E)
  • 1944/45...RNAS Evanton - RNAS Worthy Down
  • 1945........RNAS Eglinton & RNAS Nutts Corner (891 Squadron) - LAF(E)
  • 1945....... HMS Waxwing & RNAS Worthy Down
  • 1945/46...RNAS Nutts Corner (809 Squadron)
  • >1946........RNAS Anthorn & HMS Daedalus - HMS Queen (in transit)
  • 1946/47...RNAS Kalafrana - POAF(E)
  • 1947........HMS Phoenicia - SS Argentina (in transit) - Transit Camps in Toulon & Calais - HMS Daedalus - RNAS Lossiemouth - RNAS Worthy Down
  • 1947/48...RAF Hednesford - AA4
  • 1948/49...HMS Daedalus - HMS Royal Arthur - RNAS Gosport
  • 1949/50...HMS Daedalus - Discharged physically unfit for Naval Service.
  • 1952/57...Hampshire CC,Winchester - Shorthand typist/clerk in County MO's dept.
  • 1957/59...Local Land Charges Clerk - Clerk of CC's dept. - Clerical I grade
  • 1959........Clerical II grade
  • 1963........Clerical III grade
  • 1966........Section Head - Administrative grade APT III.
  • 1969........East Sussex CC - Section Head of Local Land Charges Section - Admin grade IV
  • 1974........Administrative Assistant (Environmental)
  • 1976........Senior Administrative Officer - County Architect/Estates dept. - Senior Officer Grade
  • 1982........Retired Early.   

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  • 1941/44…Naval Air Apprentice (Airframes) – MTE Rosyth – RNATE Newcastle –under-Lyme.
  • 1945…….RNAS Machrihanish AF(A)
  • 1945…….HMS Gadwell, Sydneham,Belfast – opening RNAS
  • 1946/47....806 Sqdn. RNAS Yeovilton – RAF West Raynham for the Naval Air Fighter Development Unit LAF – POAF
  • 1947/48….RAF Hednesford – engines conversion course AA4
  • 1948/51….RNAS Culdrose – Sea Furies – Test Flight Section – 52nd. Training Air Group AA3
  • 1951/54….HMS Simbang – repair of a/c from Korean War.
  • 1954/56….HMS Daedalus – RNAS Culdrose – i/c ground equipment. Left RN for Civvy Street spring 1956. Joined Automotive Products at Leamington Spa as Technical Assistant to the Sales Manager of the Filter Division. After 3 months became Sales Engineer for the Aircraft Dept.
  • 1962….Won contract for supply of filters to Rolls Royce. Represented firm at Farnborough and Paris Air Displays Transferred to Export Sales Division for contracts in Sweden and Finland – learned a little Swedish.
  • 1968….Attended the British Trade Fair in Tokyo.
    Responsibilities widened to include sales in Holland, Belgium and Germany as Regional Sales Engineering Manager, Northern Europe. Returned to UIK to take on supply to most UK car, truck and earth moving vehicles manufacturers (not Ford nor Leyland).
  • Retired in 1984 aged 58.

Activities in retirement – moved to Cumbria - motoring abroad – playing golf.   * Amended as requested 21-07-07  

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  • 1941/44 Naval Air Apprentice (Electrical) – MTE Rosyth & RNATE Newcastle-u-Lyme.
  • 1944/5  RNAS Arbroath. Swordfish, Baracuda & Hurricane  and airfield lighting.
  • 1945/6 RNAS Cochin ( India ) – Qualified PO at Katakarunda ( Ceylon ) – Avenger,Wildcat, Hellcat & Corsair.
  • 1946 RNAS Trincomalee – generator and magneto workshops.
  • 1946 HMS Indefatigable – general electrical duties.
  • 1946/8    RNAS Stretton & Culdrose – PO's course at Corsham.
  • 1948/50  A&AEE Boscombe Down – installation of test instruments & equipment into  various types of RAF RN & Civil aircraft. Qualoified CPO.
  • 1950/1  i/c instrument lab at RNAS Ford. Peter meets his wife to be – June.
  • 1951/2 RNAS Eglinton – i/c instrument lab – Qualify as CEA(Air).
  • 1952/3 RNAS Stretton – Instructor a Naval Air Electrical School.
  • 1953/4 802 Squadron – Sea Fury and Sea Hawk – HMS Theseus – RNAS Arbroath and RNAS Lossiemouth.
  • 1954/5  RNAS Lee-on-Solent – Accident Investigation Unit.Left the RN in July 1955
  • 1955/7    Hawker Aircraft Ltd. at Dunsfold – instrument technician – Hawker Hunter trials.
  • 1957/65  Saunders Roe Ltd. IOW – technician in Flight Test Dept. for SR53 Interceptor  fighter – SR N2/.3&4 Hovercraft
  • 1965/90  British Hovercraft Service – Chief Instructor/Customer Training Manager – Service Manager,
  • 1990/2008  Peter was instrumental in the set-up of the Hovercraft Museum at Lee-on-Solent. Trustee and Treasurer of the Museum until his eyesight failed. Peter is an Associate Fellow of the Society of Licensed Aircraft Engineers, becoming an Associate Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society when the two Societies merged.He is also a Fellow of THE HOVERCRAFT SOCIETY.

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Maurice William "Mick" HARRINGTON

  • 1941/44...Naval Air Apprentice (A) - M.T.E.Rosyth and R.N.A.T.E. Newcastle-under-Lyme.
  • 1944/45...RNAS Donibristle AF(A) - Storage Section - Fulmar, Seafire, Firefly, Corsair, Wildcat and Hellcat.
  • 1945/46...HMS Waxwing - RNAS Middle Wallop for MONAB 8 - HMS Nabcatcher (Hong Kong) - on passage by MV Dominion to HMS Golden Hind (Sydney) - on passage by HMS Chaser to Kaitak (Hong Kong) - general airframe workshops, Sea Otter, Vengence* and Corsair. - PO AF(A).
  • 1946...Passage to UK on HMS Speaker (for conversion course to AA). - HMS Waxwing - RNAS Lee-on-Solent.
  • 1946/47...No.2 Aircraft Salvage Unit (RNAS Worthy Down) - RAF Hednesford for conversion course.
  • 1948/50...RNAS Stretton - AA4 - 1831 RNVR Squadron, Harvard and Seafire.
  • 1950/51...RNAS Arbroath - AA3 - Workshops, component repair and testing.
  • 1951/52...816 Squadron, Firefly Mk.6 - RNAS Culdrose - HMS Illustrious - RNAS Culdrose - HMS Theseus - RNAS Eglinton - RNAS Machrihanish - HMS Eagle.
  • 1952/55...I.T.Course at RNAS Bramcote - RNAS Arbroath (instructor for landing gear and hydraulics) - AA2. Passed examination for entry to the Society of Licensed Aircraft Engineers (S.L.A.E.) As associate member.
  • 1955.... Left R.N. For `Civvy Street`.
  • 1955/63...Employed by Marshalls of Cambridge as an aircraft inspector on :- D.C.3, D.C.4, Canadair,Ambassador, Gulfstream, Comet, Viking and Viscount. Also the military types :- Varsity, Vampire, Canberra, Valiant. Licensed Aircraft Engineer A & C for Viscount aircraft. This was the most interesting job in my whole career.
  • 1963/68... Joined B.E.A. As a Station Chargehand at Heathrow dealing with aircraft arrivals and departures. Types include :- Viscount, Vanguard, Comet, Argosy and Trident. License extended to include Trident aircraft.
  • 1968/89...Various posts in B.E.A.(& B.A.) - Maintenance Control and Technical Support included periods as Duty Control Engineer at Heathrow and for the B.A.C.111 fleet at Manchester. Seconded to Gulf Air at Bahrain for short period as Technical Support for Tristar aircraft. Completed a number of technical courses for Company Authorisation on most B.A. aircraft (except Concorde). Qualified I.Eng. and A.M.R.Ae.S.
    Active member of the Royal Aeronautical Society serving on the Licensing Committee and the Qualifications and Education Committee. Member of the Interviewing Board for I.Eng.candidateson behalf of the Engineering Council. These activities continued well into retirement.
  • 1989... Retired from British Airways. IN RETIREMENT...Live in Surrey with Thelma - married for 56 years - family dispersed to all parts of the country - 4 children, 7 grandchildren, 1 greatgrandchild - visits infrequent due to distances involved. Thelma and I have joined the local U.£.A. (University of the 3rd. Age ) and belong to the Walking, Local History and Aviation History groups. We both enjoy Jazz Festivals, Jazz and Big Band concerts and music. We like train journeys (steam trains prefered) and enjoy Ballroom Dancing, but are less energetic than in our earlier years.              

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  • 1941/44 Naval Air Apprentice (Airframes) – MTE Rosyth – RNATE Newcastle under Lyme.
  • 1944 RNAS Arbroath … AF/A1945 > RNAS Evanton – ARS Swordfish …LAF/A1945 > Middle Wallop – MONAB 9 – Sydney – SS Largs Bay – Singapore – Vultee Vengeance.
  • 1945/46 MONAB 9 – RNAS Sewbawang …POAF,1946 > LST 3122 – working passage to Trincomolee – Medway Barracks, Colombo.
  • 1946 HMS Formidable on passage to UK
  • 1946 RNAS Crail – ARS – Barracudas – married.
  • 1947 RAF Hednesford for conversion course. RAF Boscombe Down – Mosquitoes, Hornets, Furies, Wyvern & Vampires.1948/49 RAF West Raynham – 787 Sqdn. PO's Course at Corsham – RNAS Lee on Solent – general duties.
  • 1950 RNAS Bramcote – instructing.
  • 1952/55 – Transferred to RAN on loan – RANAS Nowra.
  • 1955 – Return to UK - Workshops at NAFDU.Demobilised in August 1955.

CIVILIAN LIFE Sales Superintendent with Shellmex and British Petroleum, working UK East Coast.Immigrated to Australia to work with BP.After 7 years with BP, stayed with the oil industry  for four years, working for – Sumitomo Shoji Kaisha and Kawewa Tsu Gosha.Three months in Japan translating Japanese technical journals to English.Government training course to become a Field Officer Animal Control until my retirement. "I have recorded more sea time since leaving the RN, also six trips UK/OZ and return. I was involved with tankers and spent time up and down the east coast of Australia" - Eric.

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John Edwin "Tubby" MARCHANT

  • 1941/44 Naval Air Apprentice (Airframes) - MTE Rosyth - RNATE Newcastle under Lyme.
  • 1944/45 RNAS Eastleigh......AF(A)
  • 1945....HMS Holm Sound (Airframe Repair Ship for Barracuda,Seafire,Firefly) ....LAF(A)
  • 1946....Engines Conversion Course at RAF Hednesford.
  • 1946/48 RNAS Donibristle - Lossiemouth - Donibristle ......AA4
  • 1948/49 Rating Pilot's course at RAF Syerston (the course was cancelled by AFO 1204/49after I had completed 179 flying hours.
  • 1949....RNAS Gosport.
  • 1949/50 HMS Implacable - HMS Indomitable....AA3...Became interested in fencing.
  • 1951/53 Namdu (Gosport and Lee-on-Solent)
  • 1953/55 RNAS Halfar (Kalafrana ERS - Boat section - ARS)....AA2.
  • 1955/57 RNAS Lee-on-Solent......CAA.
  • 1957/58 728C sqdn. (Amphibious Warfare Trials Unit) and 848 Sqdn. (Whilwinds) working with 45 Commando RM.
  • 1959/62 MARTSU (repair unit)...(Probably the best job in the RN doing what I was trained to do).
  • 1962/64 RNAS Arbroath - i/c Workshops. Apprentice training.
  • 1964....846 Sqdn. (Whilwinds) based at Tawau, Borneo with 41 Commando RM and 1st.10th.Ghurka Rifles.
  • 1965/66 Namdu - Awarded the BEM for my work with 846 Sqdn. And with Murut tribesmen. Left RN for 'Civvy Street' August 1966.
  • 1966/68 Teacher Training at King Alfred's College, Winchester (sujbect - mathematics).....Appointed Captain of the College Fencing Team.
  • 1968/74 Bridgemary Comprensive School, Gosport....Fenced for Portsmouth and Southsea.
  • 1974/87 Head of the Mathematics Department at Aldershot Manor School ( a Comprehensive School of 1300 children which closed when its role-call dropped to 560 ).
  • August 1987...Retired from teaching. Now live in Dorset - Hobbies are Sequence Dancing, Tai Chi, playing the organ / keyboards and woodwork. Oh Yes! Running this web site of course!     

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Ronald Sydney "Sam" SELMAN

  • 1941/44 Naval Air Apprentice(E)-RNATE Torpoint and RNATE Newcastle under Lyme.
  • 1944/45 RNAS Donibristle......AF(E)
  • 1945....810 Sqdn. (Barracudas)-HMS`Queen`
  • 1945....HMS Beauly Firth (Engine Repair Ship)......AF(E)-LAF(E)
  • 1946....Airframes conversion course at RAF Hednesford.
  • 1946/47 RNAS Abbotsinch......AA4
  • 1948/51 RNAS Halfar - Station Flight
  • 1951....RNAS Ford - 1840 Sqdn..(Fireflies)
  • 1951....RNAS Gosport - Ground Equipment Development Unit.
  • 1953...Commanded No.22 Platoon at HM The Queen`s Coronation.
  • 1954/55....RNAS Arbroath - Instructor for Apprentice Training.......AA2
  • 1955....September 14th. Left RN for `Civvy Street`. 1955....October 3rd. I became a Flight Engineer with B.O.A.C.
  • 1959....Awarded a `Company Citation` for saving a colleague from drowning at Labadi Beach, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • 1961....Selected as a very junior Engineer Officer to be part of HM`s Entourage for the Royal Tour of India, Pakistan and Iran. I had a private audience with HM THE Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh in the Shah of Persia`s Palace, Teheran on completion of the tour.
  • 1983....Retired October 3rd. From flying with British Airways having completed 14,799 Flying Hours, only possible due to my RN training! Being a keen archer since 1951, I qualified as a Club Coach and Regional Judge of the `Grand National Archery Society`, I even made the Hampshire Team in 1969.
  • Sadly, since 1997, I am no longer able to draw a bow to strike the target at 100 yards. As my strength is failing I am now working on radio controlled model aircraft and play the electronic keyboard.

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CDR. John Walter "Johnny" SLADE  (Died  16-12-2000) 

  • 1941/44 Naval Air Apprentice (Airframes) - MTE Rosyth - RNATE Newcastle-under Lyme.
  • 1944/45....RNAS Maydown (744 & 836 Sqdns.)
  • 1945....HMS Flycatcher....Middle Wallop....MONAB 7 (Nabreekie, Australia)
  • 1946....RNAS Evanton
  • 1947....Cold Harbour Hospital
  • 1948....HMS Peregrine - 744 Sqdn.
  • 1949....HMS Victorious ( Upper Yardman)
  • 1949/50....Hawke - Exbury - Solva.
  • 1951/2.... Greenwich - Sub-Lieutenant's courses.
  • 1952/3....RAF Syerston - Flying Training - awarded wings.
  • 1953....RNAS Culdrose - 766 Sqdn.
  • 1954....RNAS Eglinton - HMS Illustrious (737 Sqdn.)
  • 1954/56...On Loan to RAN -723 & 851 Sqdns.
  • 1956/57....HMS Fleetwood (frigate)
  • 1958/59....HMS Daedalus - helicopter conversion course - (705 Sqdn.)
  • 1958....RNAS Brawdy - SAR Flight.
  • 1959....ATCO course - RAF Shawbury.
  • 1959/61....RNAS Lossiemouth - SATCO.
  • 1961/64....HMS Ark Royal - SATCO.
  • 1964/66....RNAS Yeovilton FONFT's staff.
  • 1966/69....MOD - DNAW
  • 1969/71....Naval Adviser to the National Air Traffic Control Service.

The following tribute to John appeared in the News Sheet of the FAA Officer's Association, March 2001.


John Slade died in hospital on 16th December 2000, aged 75. He was born on 8th May 1925 and went to Oldershore Grammar School, Wallasey, joining the Navy as a Naval Air Apprentice at Lee-on-Solent on 3rd September 1941. On completion of training in June 1944, he spent a year at Maydown before being drafted to MONAB 7, finishing the war in Australia. In 1948 he completed the Sub-Lieutenants'Air Course at Gosport (as a Petty Officer) where he soloed in a Tiger Moth. He served six months as a probationary Upper Yardman in HMS Victorious, and also in 1948, he gained his Navy athletic colours, running the half mile for the RN in the Tri-Service Championships. He was commissioned as a Sub-Lieutenant on the General List in September 1950. After obtaining his watch keeping certificate, he started flying training and was awarded his wings in 1952. In 1954 he went on loan service to the RAN, which he very much enjoyed and where he made many friends. Returning to England in 1956, he spent a year at sea in the frigate HMS Fleetwood, followed by the helicopter conversion course. His last flying appointment was in charge of the SAR flight at Brawdy. He was grounded by a leg problem in 1959, and elected to become an ATCO, in which capacity he served successively at Lossiemouth as SATCO and Air Staff Officer in HMS Ark Royal, Staff ATCO to FONFT, and SATCO at Yeovilton. In June 1966 he was promoted to Commander and appointed to DNAW, followed by an appointment as Naval Adviser to the Controller of the National Air traffic Control Service, where he was responsible for the operational introduction of Secondary Surveillance Radar and for the United Kingdom policy for SSR, both civil and military. He left the Navy in 1971 and after a short spell as Airport Manager at Lympne, he became manager of Whitehall Court in London, where he spent 16 happy years.   

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Norman Henry SMITH

  • 1941/44....Naval Air Apprentice(L)-Seafield Park-MTE.Rosyth-RNATE Newcastle under Lyme
  • 1944/45....RNAS Eglinton-`L` Workshps-Link Trainer
  • 1945.........HMS Waxwing--822 Squadron(Barracudas)-HMS Campania-RNAS Woodvale(Southport-with 822)--HMS Waxwing.
  • 1945/46...HMS Holmsound-Instrument Shop-Gyro repairs--India-Australia- Portsmouth.
  • 1946/48...RNAS Evanton (HMS Fieldfare)--Instrument Shop.
  • 1948........RNAS Ford--`L` Workshops.
  • 1948........RNAS Anthorn--Storage Section.
  • 1950/54....HMS Falcon (Kalafrana) (by Empress of Canada)-- Naval Aircraft Inspectorate.
  • 1954........HMS Daedalus.
  • 1954/56....RNAS Anthorn--Inspection Dept.--ASUCO.
  • 1956/60....HMS Ariel (Worthy Down)- Equipment & Trials Unit--writing repair schedules--Ferranti`s (Edinburgh)-Weapon Control Systems--RAE Farnborough - Master Reference Gyros.
  • 1960.........804 Sqadron (Scimitars)-RNAS Lossiemouth--Watch Chief. (Also on Sqdn. Nick Carter & Jock Cash)--HMS Hermes-Mediterranean,Far East, Norway.
  • 1961.........HMS Daedalus & Ariel--Instructor for Gyros and Compass Systems.
  • 1964.........RNAS Yeovilton i/c Instrument Shop.
  • 1965..........HMS Victory for Discharge to civvy street. 1965..........Civil Service --DGA-Fighter a/c Dept.--Radio.
  • 1966..........RNAY Fleetlands--ApprenticeTraining-Instructional Duties on basic engineering and aircraft instruments.
  • 1989..........Retired in November.


I played Hockey throughout my servie career, representing :

  • Benbow Division
  • Mediterranean Fleet 1950 - 54
  • Air Command 1954 - 64
  • Royal Navy 1961 - 64
  • Hampshire 1961 - 64

While at RNAY Fleetlands I introduced these Sporting Activities :

  • Footbal - Rugby - Cricket - Volleyball - Swimming and Cross Country.
  • Outward-Bound activities at Snowdonia and the Wye Valley including
  • Climbing, Abseiling and Canoeing.

Since retirement:

  • Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator-Dot & I joined WRVS & deliver `Meals on Wheels` weekly.
  • Members of `Civil Service Alliance` -- Holidays home & abroad.
  • Exercising Seamus (Irish setter) - swimming in the Solent
  • Enjoy the company of fellow Benbovians from time to time.

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  • 1941 - 44 Naval Air App.(E) - Seafield Park - RNATE Torpoint - Newcastle
  • 1944 - 45 Easthaven - 767 Squad. (Barracuda Dummy Deck Landings)- Evanton - Station Flight
  • 1945 - 46 MONAB 9 - Singapore (via Australia and NZ) to re-occupy
  • 1946 - 47 Admiral (Air) Special Repair Party in UK
  • 1947 - 49 RAF Hednesford (conversion to AA) - various courses
  • 1948 - 50 RNAS Culdrose i/c MU - IT Course at Bramcote
  • 1950 - 51 RNATE Arbroath - Workshop instructor
  • 1951 - 53 HMS Illustrious - Trials Carrier
  • 1953 - 55 Bramcote - Exam Centre
  • 1955 - 57 848 Squad. (Helicopters) - Base SIMBANG, detachment to RAF Kuala Lumpa / Kluang etc. to play with terrorists.
  • 1957 - 61 Bramcote - Training Progress Administration and direct transfer to Arbroath in the same job - during which time I became a visiting lecturer to the Home Air Command IT School
  • 1961 - 66 Schools Liaison (Wales) - during which time I obtained a City and Guilds Technical Teachers Certificate and taught part time at the Cross Keys Technical College. 7 January 1966 - Retired from the Royal Navy 10 January 1966 - Took up post as a Lecturer Jan.66 – Technical College lecturer in Mechanical Engineering. Studied part time for Certificate in Education - Started organisation and lectures for Licensed a/c Engineer courses.
  • 1973/74 – Became active in matters of Industrial Health & Safety – qualified as Member of the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health.
  • 1986 – Appointed County Educational Advisor for Health & Safety.
  • 1991 – Retired.

Other Involvements:

  • 1979/91 St. John's Ambulance teacher.
  • 1979/91 – County Director (Oxfordshire) of St. John's Ambulance. Appointed Officer of the Order of St. John – promoted to Commander (C.St.J.)
  • I have served as treasurer for several organisations and am a past President of my district PROBUS Club.
  • I look forward to continued good health and to celebrating with Lucilla, our Diamond Wedding Anniversary in August 2006

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Ron "Hans" YOUNG

  • 3/9/41 - 26/9/41 Daedalus NAA/L
  • 27/9/41 - 2/7/42 MTE Rosyth NAA/L
  • 3/7/42 - 30/6/44 Daedalus II NAA/L
  • 1/7/44 - 26/5/45 Eglinton AF/L
  • 27/5/45 - 4/6/45 Worthy Down **
  • 5/6/45 – 21/9/45 Arbroath LAF/L
  • 22/9/45 -27/2/46 Nutts Corner **
  • 28/2/46 - 8/8/46 Daedalus **
  • 9/8/46 - 18/9/46 ** A/POAF/L
  • 19/9/46- 31/12/46 Culham **
  • 1/1/47 - 4/3/48 ** A/ELECT(AIR)
  • 5/3/48 - 6/4/48 Yeovilton **
  • 7/4/48 - 6/5/48 Daedalus **
  • 7/5/48 - 7/6/48 Eglinton **
  • 8/6/48 - 23/9/48 Lossiemouth **
  • 24/9/48-21/10/48 Yeovilton **
  • 22/10/48-24/1/49 Culdrose **
  • 25/1/49 - 28/3/49 Implacable ** No. 1 CAG
  • 29/3/49 - 2/5/49 Daedalus ** **
  • 3/5/49 - 25/8/49 Implacable ** **
  • 12/1/50 -20/1/50 Daedalus **
  • 21/1/50 -31/1/50 ** EM(A/L)
  • 1/2/50 - 30/6/50 Ford **
  • 10/7/50 -14/9/51 Chatham Dockyard Elec.Fitter
  • Emigrated to Australia
  • 16/11/5 -30/11/51 (2 wks) Brisbane City Power (Q'land)
  • 28/1/52 - ~/2/53 Govt. Aircraft Factory (Melb) Elec Fitter
  • ~/2/53 - ~/10/53 Technico Appliance Repairs
  • Sea Change
  • ~/10/53 - ~/10/55 Myer Emporium (think Harrods Down Under) Credit Clerk
  • ~/10/55 - 31/3/64 Shell Chemical Co. Credit Supervisor ** ** Raw Materials Buyer
  • 31/3/64 - 4/7/86 Bayer Chemicals Sales Rep.(for the dreaded Hun) ** ** Marketing Manager - Polyurethanes
  • Retired


  • Six Weeks on a cruise Liner coming to Australia for £10
  • Meeting my wife to be for free on same
  • Going to the old British Rocket Range at Woomera in the heart of the South Australian Desert to make trials on a developmental pilotless aircraft, and facing attack from the dreaded Red Back Spiders in the primitive Out Back Dunnies (More on that another time perhaps?) 
  • Four trips around the world at Bayers expense ,visiting Hong Kong ,Tokyo, Bangkok, Rome, Milan, Cologne, Paris London, New York, Los Angeles, 
  • Fiji. That was just the first trip. (I forgot Venice). Of course Head Office didn't.

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