The articles and items shown in the Benbow web sites since the original site in JANUARY 2003 are kept on file. Individual items may be e-mailed to you on request. The e-mail address of the editor is known by all Benbow 2's but the editor may be also contacted by an entry in the form on the Guestbook page.

THE "Benbow1941to1944" SERIES

Edition 1 (January 2003)

Page 1:- about us. This article is to explain to all visitors to our site who we are. It is the permanent          page 1 of each edition.

Page 2:- "Benbows on Parade", photographs and short articles about them.
(i) Passing Out group photo with staff and trophies.
(ii) March past at Clayton Hall June 1994.
(iii) Inspection by the Lady Mayor of
Newcastle- under-Lyme
(iv) Prayers, conducted by The Reverend P.A.Lewis.

Page 3:- "How it all Started" , details of how we qualified to be Air Apprentices with extracts from examination papers.

Page 4:- "Benbows at Work", photographs and short articles about workshops and trade tests.
(i) E`s with crankshafts.
(ii) E`s with a Merlin engine.
(iii) A`s "D" class test job, (chine angle repair).
(iv) Passing out test job for E`s, L`s and O`s.

Page 5:- "Repair Ships", photographs and articles of experiences in HMS "Beaulie Firth" and "HMS Holmsound".

Page 6:- "More about Arlewas" , photographs with articles about the planting of our commemorative oak tree at the National Arboretum.
(i) The tree before and after unveiling.
(ii) Prayers.
(iii) Some Benbow Ladies
(iv) Dinner at Nick`s Golf Club.

Page 7:-Mini Autobiographies. These are now presented in our site "Benbowography".

Page 8:- Links to all Benbow sites and to other sites of interest. This page is standard for all editions.

Edition 2 . (February 2003)

Page 2:- "Benbows on Parade", Photographs and articles of re-unions 1991 and 94.
(i) March past at Lee-on-Solent, Sept. 1991 with names of those on parade.
(ii) March past at Clayton Hall , June 1994 with names of those on parade.
(iii), (iv) As for edition 1 but taken at a different part of the ranks.

Pages 3 and 4:- as for edition 1.

Page 5:- as for edition 1 but with added article about HMS "Moray Firth".

Page 6:- "Clayton Then and Now", A brief history and picture of Clayton Hall before the 2nd.World War; also a photograph of the library In the Hall, now part of the High School with a short article from the school`s prospectus.

Page 7:- Mini Autobiographies. These are now presented in "Benbowography". This page also included an article by Ted Morris about his wartime experiences in Ceylon.

Edition 3. (March 2003)

Page`s 2 & 3:- "Nirimba 52 to 56" , an article by Eric Manuel about his experiences with the RAN.

Page 4:- an article by Ted Morris of his wartime experiences in Ceylon.

Page 5:- "Clayton Memories", photographs of small groups outside the wooden huts.
Page 6:- "1946 and 1950", Photograph of a MONAB group and of two of us on a Navy Days jinks aboard HMS "Implacable".
Page 7:- "Clayton Then and Now" ... as in edition 2.

Edition 4. ( May 2003)

Pages 2, 3 and 4:- "MONAB 9" , a history of the Benbows who were on this unit, Nov. 44 until it disbanded, written by Arthur Todd.
Pages 5 & 6:- photographs of some of the lads with MONAB 9.

Page 7:- "Seafield Park", Admiral Bell-Davies VC, after his inspection of the future Benbows 1941 to 44.

Edition 5. (July 2003)

Page 2:- "July 04 2003", An account of the presentation of a Bench Seat to Clayton High School in commemoration of the Air Apprentices who served there during the 2nd. World War.

Page 3:- "Clayton 2003", two pictures -- (i) Clayton Hall with the adjacent school buildings. ... (ii) Their Millenium Garden.
Page 4:- "Presentation", photographs of the ceremony.
(i) Introductory address by the Headteacher.
(ii) Address by Vice Admiral Henderson.
(iii) Head girl reads "Blow Me Away With The Wind" by Stagger White.
(iv) The Bench Seat.

Page 5:- "Groups", three photographs .
(i) Graham Bebbington (author of "Ship Without Water") tells of fund raising.
(ii) Officiators at the presentation.
(iii) Ex-apprentices present.

Page 6:- "Ode", "Blow Me Away With The Wind" by Stagger White.

Page 7(early edition):- two pictures taken by the Hubble Telescope of Jupiter and Uranus.
Page 7(later edition):- "Pictures Just In", (i) the three Benbow2`s present (ii) the Admiral unveils the seat.

Edition 6
pages 2 - 7....Article by John (Stagger) White of his experiences in
page 8 .... hubble heritage site inserted...Benbowography amended to include Biographies and Tributes

This site was discontinued in NOVEMBER 2003

THE "benbownews" SERIES

.... ..........Site discontinued June 2007 ……

Editions 1. & 2. Published November and Early December 2003.

Page 1:- List of surviving Benbows.
The list of surviving Benbows will be a permanent Page 1. feature.

Page 2:- Lists of,
(i) Benbows who we know to have passed away.
(ii) Relatives who wish to keep in touch with us.
(iii) Benbows who we have not been able to trace.
These lists will be updated as and when necessary and will be a permanent page 2 feature.

Page 3:- Pictures of.
(i) "Sea Fury" over Carrier , painting by R.J.(Bob) Mathews.
(ii) Bob Mathews and Muriel celebrate their Golden Wedding.

Page 4:- News Articles of :-
Bob Mathews, John Bennett, Jack Bradford, Eddie Cuthbert, Gordie Evans,Don Macmillan and Stagger White.

Page 5:- Pilgrimage.
Sam Selman`s annual visit to the Cenotaph on Rememberance Sunday.

Page 6:- Photographs.
(i) Gordie Evans.
(ii) the author and John Gallichan.

Edition 3. Published December 21st. 2003.

Page 3:- News Articles of :-
Edition 2 repeated plus -- Mick Born, Don Macmillan, Dennis Woodhams.
Information on changing website format and the site Benbowedit1 withdrawn for refurbishing.

Pages 4 & 5:- Mac`s Ships.
Don Macmillan presents four photographs of his models.

Page 6:- as for page 5 of edition 2.

Page 7:- The Civil Service Arithmetic and Mathematics papers.

Edition 4...Published January 19th. 2004

Page 3:- News articles of :-
Edition 3 plus -- Seafield Park divisional photo,Jim Walton, Frank pickett, Ken Bilney, correction of Rosyth Confirmation, Benbow exam website, Re-union 29th.June-1st.July.

pages 4 & 5 :- as for edition 3.

page 6 :- photo of Frank and Joan Pickett.

page 7 :- as for edition 3.

Edition February 2004..published February 20th.
page 3:- News articles from January plus--
Gordie`s rally, funeral of Mike Born, what happened to Les Downe, Tommy Tucker, what to be in next 1941to44 site, Bill Drake`s book.
page 4:- Australian Car Rally.
page 5:- Eulogy for Mick Born.
page 6:- as for January.
Edition March 2004..published March 20th.
page 3:- News articles from February plus--
Mick Harrington in retirement, introducing Benbow1941to44 ed.6. "This England" has article on commemorative bench, answers to picture quiz, "A Bit Of A Tif" book launch.
Edition April 2004..published April 20th.
page 3:- March news plus--story of incident in NZ by Gordie, tributes to John Slade, hobby of DIY furniture.

Edition May 2004..published May 20th.
pages 1 & 2 updated,
Pages 3 & 4 :- April news plus-- paragraphs about Geof Broughton, Vic Cavil, Ginger case, Pete Chisholm and Jack Abbott. More woodwork____________________________________________________________

Reunion Edition .. published July 2004
page 3 :- 60th Reunion Report
page 4 :- Newcasle Sentinel piocture and article
page 5 :- Photos in the Newcastle Museum
page 6 & 7 :- Photos at Clayton, Museum and at Reunion Dinner

Edition August 2004 .. published Aug.20th.
pages 1 & 2 updated
page 3 :- Dougie Hardwick & Peter Bint passed away, articles about Norman Smith, Geoff Broughton, John Gallichan, Jack Bradford, John Bennett and John Lucarotti.
pages 4 & 5 :- photos of Geoff Broughton,John Gallichan, Jack Bradford, Roy & Barbara Sillence, Tony Griffin and Jean Way.
page 6 :- photo of Geoff with Buc.SMP
page 7 :- program of "Apps Capades", N-u-L 1944.

Edition September 2004 .. published Sept 20th.
page 3 :- Gosport mini-reunion report, articles about Sid Collings, Len Williams,Ivor Passmore and Eric Manuel - request from N-u-L Museum re the Jubilee swimming baths.
pages 4 & 5 :- photos of reunion group, Red Skilton, Eddie Cuthbert, Norman & Dot Smith and two Gosportonians 1941
page :- 8 web address of the Cassini-Hygens Saturn probe added.

Edition October 2004 .. published Oct. 20th.
page 3 :- Apps reunion at N-u-L, Jubilee swimming baths, Benbow address list.
pages :- 4, 5 & 6 Article about Ivor and Shirley Passmore - photos of them then and now.and of flying boats.
page :- 7 Ode "Is This Our Last Reunion ?" By Stagger White.

Edition November 2004 .. published Nov. 20th.
page 3 :- More about App's Reunion 2005, fitting & turning exercises, Benbow Nominal Role, Remembrance Sunday 2004.
pages 4, 5 & 6 :- blueprints of some F & T work at N-u-L.

Edition December 2004 .. published Dec.20th.
page 3 :- Sam Gumbley's sad loss, N-u-L library project, workshop records, the Not Forgotten Association
page 7 :- the "Caddy Plate" Xmas card.

Edition January 2005 .. published Jan.20th.
pages 1 and 2 amended for loss of Dennis Cutbush.
Page 3:- Blobie Curbush, Dave Pratt, Len Williams,Gordie Evans, notification of the closure of Benbow41to44.
Page 4:- It's a life" by Len Williams
Page 5:- Photograph of Len Williams.

Edition February 2005 .. published Feb.20th.
Page 3:- Mr. & Mrs. D.Cutbush, Hans Young, John Bennett, Joe Sillence, Benbow attribures.
Pages 4,5&6:- Old Photographs of the school days of Bob Prynn and Ras O'Reilly.

Edition March 2005 .. published March 19th.
Page 3:- Mini reunion at Burley, Replica of our Time Capsule.
Pages 4:- Article from "This England".
Pages 5,6 & 7:- Photograghs of Dennis & Lucilla, Chic & Phyllis, Sam & Beatric, John & Brenda and of the replica Time Capsule.
Page 8:- inclusion of Ciclops web site link.

Edition April 2005 .. published April 19th.
Pages 1 & 2 updated.
Page 3:- Passing of Bill Paice. News of Jimmy Glinn, Gordie Evans and Hans Young. Article about Halfar & Kalafrana now.
Page 4:- Letter and photos from Gordie.
Page 5:- Photos of Kalafrana now.
Page 6:- Photos of Hal Far now.
Page 7:- Clayton - Hut 16.
Amendment, page 1 :- Mr.Dennis Woodhams inserted.

Edition Jun 2005 .. published June 19th.
Page 2:- money in kitty for bulletins, Eric commutes to UK in Aug.,details of pictures that follow, Plymouth reunion, Daedalaus II reunion, web site of app's slang, editorial.
Page 3:-Life story of Dennis Woodhams.
Pages 4&5:- photos from 1950 of 1st. CAG.
Page 6:- pictures from Saturn's moon Titan.
Edition July 2005 .. published July 19th.
Page 2:- Geoff Broughton,Edwina Pepper, Plymouth reunion,Wally hammond and Mike Case,about the photos, Frank Larbalestier, Eric Manuel, letter from Gordie, editorial.
Pages 3&4:- Photos of Mike Case, Wally Hammond, Bob Mathews, John Bennett, Syd Collings, Jack Bradford & Len Williams.
Page 5:- Dominion Monarch Stamp.
Pages 6&7:- Crash sequences aboard HMAS Sydney.
Edition August 2005 .. published August 19th.
Page 2:- Ted Price, Freddie Bills, VJDay 60th anniversary, editorial.
Page 3:- Freddie Bills' Story.
Page 4:- photo - Freddie and Di.
Page 5:- tapestry by Freddie.
Page 6:- VJDay - commemorative service front page.
Edition September 2005 .. published Sept.19th.
Page 2:- Stagger White, Sam Selman, Dave Pepper, Sam Gumbley, Jack Abbott, about GMT, editorial.
Pages 3,4,5:- Amphibious Warfare by the Author.
Pages 6,7,8:- Photographs of above article.
Edition October 2005 .. published Oct.19th.
Page 1:- Ken Chappell
Page 2:- Proposed activity for Nov.11th, Jim Walton, Alan Waldren, Alan Blackmore, Sam Selman, Johnny Hale.
Pages 3,4,5:- Part II of Amphib.-848 Sqdn.
Pages 6,7,8:- Photographs of above article.
Edition November 2005 .. published Nov.19th.
Page 2:- Benbows at the FAA Memorial 11-11-05, Stagger's gift to Clayton School, Edie Cuthbert wants to migrate, Red Skilton, Sam Selman at Remembrance Sunday, John Gallichan on Trafalgar 200th. Celebration, Bill Drake about a good book, Veteran's badge, Editorial.
Page 3&4:- Photographs events at FAA Memorial.
Page 5:- Stagger's letters.
Pages 6,7&8:- Trafalgar 200 Celebration.
Edition December 2005 .. published Dec.17th.
Page 2:- Correspondence re Eddie's relocation, news of Dave Crane and of Gwen Paice, George Kent is unwell, Jim Walton backlog of e-mails, Alan Waldren on line.
Page 5:- Eric's Abode.
Page 6:- Venus and Mars.
___________________________________________________________________ January 2006 Edition, published 19-01-06
Page 1:- no change.
Page 2:- news of another App’s reunion at Gatwick Hotel; Sam Gumbley’s operation; Gordie supplies article; Mick is bothered with computer trouble; Larby and family; editorial reqest for more articles.
Page 3:- Letters from Gordie.
Page 4:- photos of HMAS Sydney.
Page 5:- Photo of Larby and family.
Page 6:- Details of next App’s reunion at Gatwick

February 2006 Edition, published 20-02-06

Page 1:-J.Glinn and RJ Mathews listed in Role of Honour.

Page 2:-Passing of Jimmy Glinn and Nancy Carter; news of Jimmy Bowles and of Dave Pepper; Frank Larbalestier to visit UK; Hans Young, a short account of his naval career; Gordie sends a drawing; news of George Kent; more about App’s Reunion; about the A’ Test Job; announcing a coming shortly by Jack Richardson; changes to “Benbowography”; editorial

Page 3:- Photos of Dave Pepper’s 80th and of Hans Young in square rig.

Page 4:- drawing – Aus swallows Europe.

Page 5:- Mini autobiography of Jimmy Bowles.

Page 6:- Full drawings of the A’s Test Job.


March 2006 Edition, published 20-03-06

Page 1:- as for prevcious month.

Page 2;_ App’s Reunion news; the new “Benbowography structure; coming shortly; editorial.

Page 3, 4 and 5:- Nostalgic pictures of HMS Daedalus.

Page 6:- Aus swallows Europe.


April 2006 Edition, published 19-04-06

Page 1:- F.Sullivan added to Roll of Honour.

Page 2:- Fred Sullivan, our sympathy; HMS Daedalus now; intro to Jack Richardson’s article; Sam Gumbley OK after bye-pass op; Chic’s 80th; the Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal; about the FAAA AGM; announcing a new airframe page in “benbow-work”; editorial.

Page 3 and 4:- Flight Engineering the Hard Way, an article by Jack Richardson.

Page 5:- photos about previous article.

Page 6:- The FAA – the future.

Page 7:- artist’s impression of new carriers – App’s pay structure 1941 & 2006.

Page 8:- photos of Chic’s 80th.


May 2006 Edition, published 20-05-06

Page 2 – Stan Page has throat cancer, Sam Selman moving house, Eric Manuel on line, all Benbows now 80.

Page 3 – “How I got Just the Job” by George Kent.

Pages 4 and 5 – the Blackburn Skua, article and pictures.

Page 6 – Youngest now 80.


June 2006 Edition, published 19-06-06

Page 1 – C.Priday added to Roll of Honour.

Page 2 – Charlie Priday, our sympathy, Letter from Gordie, the Eighties Gallery.

Page 3 – Article “Happy Days” by Ted Morris.

Page 4 – Eighties Gallery – Gordie Evans and Ivor Passmore.

Page 5 – Air Traffic Conversations, article by Jack Richardson.

Page 6 – Humour – “Is the Law an Ass”?


July 2006 –Edition, published 19-07-06

Page 2 – Sam Selman has back trouble, Editor’s minor operation, news fro Frank Larbalestier, FAA Museum web site, book “The Kindness of Strangers” by Kate Sdie.

Page 3 – Reflectionsof HMS Siskin by Gordie Evans.

Page 4 – Pics about above article.

Page 5 – “The Essence of Calmness”, article from book Black Box.


August 2006, published 19-08-06

Page 2 – e-mail addresses.

Page 3 – Article “Hans Young’s Woomera Experience.

Pages 4, 5 and 6 – Photographs from Hans with notes.

Page 7 – Article “Recognising a Stroke”.

Page 8 – Article by Jack Richardson about the Lebanon.


September 2006, published 19-09-06

Pge 2 – Jack Richardson has TV + computer knocked out by storm, App’s Reunion 2006

Page 3 – Article by Don Macmillan “Theagedones”.

Page 4 – Wyvern, an article about the Westland Wyvern by the editor.

Page 5 – Strokes repeated.


October 2006, published 19-10-06

Page 1 – John Abbott added to Roll of Honour.

Page 2 – John Abbott, our sympathy, Some internet problems, About the App’s Reunion at Gatwick, George Kent seriously ill.

Page 3 – The Macmillan Saga.

Pages 4 and 5 – Photos of Benbows at App’s Reunoin 2006.

Page 6 – Leaflet about Europa Hotel – Gatwick- car parking while on holiday.

Page 7 – Strokes (again).


November 2006, published 19-11-06

Page 2 – Memories of MTE Rosyth by Jack Richardson, about the US Services web site, Stagger uncovers a garage scam.

Pages 3 and 4 – The Eric Manuel Story.

Page 5 – Photos, Jack Richardson plays croquet, Ted and Joyce Morris + Family.

Page 6 – The MH-53E Sea Dragon.

Page 7 – A New Career by Sam Selman.

Page 8 – Cartoon.


December 2006, published 19-12-06

Page 1 – George Kent added to Roll of Honour.

Page 2 – George Kent’ passing, John Bennett seriously ill and in care, letter from Gordie + photos, photo and query from Bill Drake (Rodney), about Dorset Dialect..

Page 3 – photo of some of our “Westo” lads.

Page 4 – photos of the building of Gordie’s  home.

Page 5 – photos of our lads of MONAB 9 from Jim Walton.

Page 6 – photos of Hans Young.

Page 7 – Article, “USN in Crisis”.

Page 8 – 2 photos, Bill Drakes query and Stagger on HMS Illustrious.


January 2007, published 19-01-07

Page 1 – John Bennett added to Roll of Honour.

Page 2 – of John Bennett, Eric on Bill Drake’s query, Gordie and Don Macmillan tells of the forest fires and of Comet McNaught, Sam Gumbley suggests use of Web Cams.

Page 3 – Letter from Eric with a newspaper cutting.

Page 4 – photo, drought Australia.

Page 5 – 4 snaps of comet McNaught  + short article (UK sighting).

Page 6 – satirical article, “Two Tough Questions”.

Page 7 – a history lesson by Don Macmillan.


February 2007, published 23-02-07

Page 2 – Chic fowler in doc with heart attack, letters from Graham Bebbington (NuL) and Gordie, Staggers sends in a poem, about a new experimental Benbow site.

Page 3 - photo of forest fires – Don Macmillan.

Page 4 – photos of Gordie’s car and trophy, news paper article about comet McNaught from Australia.

Page 5 – photo of and article about the MV-22 Osprey.

Pages 6,7 and 8 – 9 photos of the Airbus 380.


March 2007, published 20-03-07

Page 2 – Chic recovers, about freewebs/benbowii.

Page 3 – a Millenium Poem sent to Stagger.

Page 4 –article “Little Old Lady” (sent by Don).

Page 5 – photo of Don Macmillan reading a farewell to the RAN speech, photos of 1991 and 1994 Benbow March pasts.

Pages 6,7 and 8 – pavement artist spectacular. (sent by Jim Walton).


April 2007, published 20-04-07.

Page 2 – the new site, news of Vic Cavil, a thank you to Mac + a witty ditty from him, USN news.

Page 3 – article “Cleaning Air Intakes”.

Pages 4 to 8 – photos of the 2007 Russian Air Display.


May 2007, published 19-05-07.

Page 2 – news from Eric, thank you’s to writers of articles.

Page 3 – Articles – Sam Gumbley impersonates the Captain – Scramjet engine trials – S American fires pollutes Australia.

Page 4 – photos from the book “Ship Without Water”.

Pages 5 to 8 – photos of the Earth from a distant satellite.


June 2007, published 17-06-07 is a shortened version of and is the last in the series of “benbownews”.

Page 1 – Dave Crane added to the Roll of Honour.

Page 2 – Announcing the passing of Dave Crane, Letter from Gordie, Hans Young in hospital, the launch of , Stagger sends a small library to Clayton School..

Page 3 – photo of Hans in hospital.



Edition January/February 2007 – published early February.

Contents of “benbownews” for Jan 07 + 19 slides of a tugboat drama (sent in by Don Macmillan).


Edition February/March 2007 – published early March.

Contents of “benbownews” for Feb 07 + more photos of the Airbus A380 (no longer available).


Edition March/April 2007 – published early April.

Contents of “benbownews” for March 07 + more photos of pavement artistry (no longer available).


Edition April/May – published early May.

Contents of “benbownews” for April 07 + 30 more photos of the Russian Air Display 2007 (all available).


Edition May/June 2007 – published late May.

Contents of “benbownews” for May 07 + more photos of Earth from space (all available).


June 2007 – site reduced to homepage only and held in reserve.


BENBOW2 �  - First published June 17th 2007


Edition June 2007

News:  Dave Crane dies � Hans Young in doc � Website news � Stagger�s gift to Clayton School .

Articles:   ANZAC Day � Brittania Memories 1 � PJ Medal � Brass Monkeys - Trentham Gardens � Collision of Galaxies � One Wing and a Prayer.

Edition July 2007

News:  Wife of Joe Sillince died � Diamond anniversaries of Mick Harrington and Norman Smith � more on brass monkeys � Hans Young update � Palace garden party.

Articles: Chance Vought Corsair � Scrapping the F14 � MV22 faults � USN Virtual training � Chinese ballistic missile.

Feature: Pictures of stunts.

Edition August 2007

News: Les Shaugnessy � Frank Pickett.

Articles: Gordie visits site of squadron crash � Brittania Memories 2 � Drones � Ode � Type 45 Destroyer � Earth puts on weight � 90 years of Summers.

Feature: The Battles of Leyte Gulf.

Edition September 2007

News: Jack Bradford � Red Cartwright � Start of Australian Correspondent (AC) launch of toast series � Eddie Cuthbert � Derek Willy � 3 Stagger Whites.

Articles: Niagara freeze up � Me 262 � India�s nuclear subs � WW2 USN sub found.

Feature: The Battle of Megiddo.

Edition October 2007

News: Benbow oak survives floods � A.C. toast 1 (H.Adams, D.Andrews, W.Birch, K.Bishop, G.Cave, J.Christian, I.Cleave, P.Collins) � Memories of Gordon Cave � Ron Luck.

Articles: Pictures from shuttle Endeavour -  some bizarre accidents � 2 WW1 sea battles.

Feature: Quiz by Joe Sillince.

Edition November 2007

News: Photos of the Benbow Oak � donation sent to arboretum � A.C. toast 2 (B.Brown, B.Bushnell, S.Crosby, J.Davies, D.Doidge, L.Downe, Y.Ellis, B.Fenner) � Ivor and Shirley on TV about 1957 flying boat crash � answers to quiz.

Articles: Nuclear missiles fly over USA � Counter rotating rotary engine � Adm. Benbow�s last fight.

Feature: Airbus 380 pictures.

Edition December 2007

News: Gordon and Ivy celeb diamond wedding � Jim and Ella Walton photo � Sam Callicot � our two Smiths � JCVB�s will benefits colleagues � A.C. toast 3 (M.Fewings, S.Foreman, N.Furneaux, B.Godden, C.Goodier, T.Griffiths, F.Hughes, D.Humfrey) � answers to quiz.

Articles: British Aircraft Carriers � Russian problems with new ships � tiniest petrol engine � Olympus Mons.

Feature: Mount Etna eruptions.

Edition January 2008

News:  Bob Frater died � our Westo group by Len Williams � JCVB rip � A.C. toast 4 (P.Jacobs, R. Jackson, F.Jones, A.Kingswell, J.Kitney, D.Lawes, G.Lewis, P.Lewis.) � Jimmy Bowles � Johnny Hale. 

Articles: WW1 sub patrol by Jimmy Bowles � Donibristle Days by Sam Selman � B29 Superfortress � NASA�s Messenger to Mercury.

Feature: Bizarre Sports.

EDITION February 2008

News: News from NuL by G.Bebbington � A.C. toast 5 (L.Lock, B.Lucock, L.Middleton, L.Mitchell, G.O�Sullivan, R.O�Reilly, F.Palmer) � weather vane.

Articles: HMS Compass Rose � origin of Knocker White � Poem � Chick�s term with the Fish-heads � Cartoons from Mac.

Feature:  Egyptian Wars of 1882.

Edition March 2008

News:  Eric�s Wee Margaret dies � A.C. toast 6 (C.O�Sullivan, F.Palmer, B.Prynn, J.Passmore, A.Pert, K.Phillips, B.Rennison, a.Screech) � gripe about new carriers & a/c by Bill Drake � Sam Callicot + photo � Sam�s weather vane � Red Arrows dropped for 2012 Olympics � blazer badges.

Articles:  Governmentium, satirical � USN destroyer of the Zumwalt class.

Feature:  A History of Radar (written to benbowii).

Edition April 2008

News: Jim Walton & Marjorie Foreman ill � Ray Young � A.C. toast 7 (A Skeer, J.Slade, P.Smith, L.Taverner, Z.Thorning, B.Trick, T.Truelove, D.Way)    

Articles:  Health & Safety conscious RN of the future? (satire) � the latest USN radar � WW2 panzers.    

Feature:  Photos of Malta today.

Edition May 2008

News: Our invalids recover � Chick to have cancer op � Ivor & Shirley�s Golden � editor�s Q & A to 2nd Sea Lord � mini reunion at Plymouth � A.C. toast 8 (F.Wevill, B.Wicks, J.Cash, M.Bourne, P.Chisholm, T.Woodward, D.Hardwick, G. Bint) � a day with Sam & Beatrice.

Articles:  The Joint Strike Fighter � Sam Gumbley�s abode � extreme flat pack.

Feature:  Awesome Aircraft.

Edition June 2008

News:  Bill Attwood dies � Chick�s op goes well � Jim Walton up and running � Marjorie Foreman out of doc � A.C. toast 9 (B.Cutbush, G. Paice, A.Williams, G.Broughton, K. Chappell, J.Glynn, B. Mathews, F.Sullivan).

Articles:  ANZAC Day at Childers � the FW SR-71 Blackbird � the Lockheed Hudson.

Feature:  HMS Astute class of nuclear subs.

Edition July 2008

News:  Ray Hawkins dies � A.C. toast 10 (C.Priday, J.Abbott, G.Kent, J.Bennett, D.Crane, B.Frater), pic the Captn Morgan Effect � Geoff Broughton, now it can be told � possible mini reunion 03-09-08 � FAA Museum with photo of Albacore.   

Articles:  the Fairey Barracuda and its contemporaries � an amazing quirk of history.  

Feature:   HMS Queen Elizabeth and her aircraft.

Edition August 2008

News:  Mini reunion at Burley for 03-08  - A.C. toast to our Mentors (Cdr. Gifford, Captn. Moore, Cdr. Rothwell, PO Sollitt, CPO Miller, Lt. Hendy, CPO Jones) photo of our cups � Chick and Phyllis diamond wedding dinner with photos.

Articles:  USS New York built from Ground Zero steel � Credit and Bank card scams.  

Feature:  Operations Tungsten and Goodwood on the Tirpitz.