Bells Farm House

Restored Tudor building with history going back to before the English Civil War

                                     The Saxon Project


About the project

The Birmingham Vikings set up a Saxon Village in the grounds of Bells Farm and invited local people and pupils from local schools to come and experience the arts and crafts of Saxon times and get a taste of life in the tenth century.

Project launch

The first event providing activities for nearly thirty children from Bells Farm School was organised on the 19th of May 1997 as part of the project launch.

Groups of about five youngsters rotated round the bases for Leather work, Woodwork, Blacksmithing, Pottery, Netmaking, Ringmaking, Calligraphy, Spinning and Weaving.

The arts and crafts

 Textiles workshops demonstated the making of historical costume and the amazing embroidery skills of the tenth century people.

Outdoors visitors young and old took part in a wide range of craft workshops and demonstrations.

Out door workshops

Spinning wool into fine thread

Saxon Pottery


 Saxon jewellery


 Saxon Leatherwork


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Weaving thread into cloth

 Saxon woodwork


 Saxon blacksmith

 Saxon Leatherwork


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