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Up to date website for CATS! the musial


This is my little spot on the net, and I am more than welcome to suggestions as I get started here.

I am a struggling college student. I travel as much as I can. And I love the Musical CATS. Okay, Love is an understatement. You will find CATS pictures, Polls, Some avatars, information that I think is cool... and more!

If you'd like, email me or sign my guest book to leave suggestions! feel_therush@yahoo.com



site is under construction, one page at a time! (well more like 6)

I'm working on Character Bios and my Fan Art page. For some reason, Pictures from my photobucket aren't showing up on this page anymore. I'm fixing that though.


I make no claim to owning any of the CATS, Andrew Lloyd Webber or RUG enterprise and company. I wish I did, I wouldn't be soo poor. Please don't sue, if there are any disputes or problems about the content on my site, feel free to leave a comment, email me or write on my chatterbox. my email is feel_therush@yahoo.com

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