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Ravenala madagascariensis (Reizigerspalm)

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Kuipplant. De bladeren zijn zoals van bananen maar het maakt een stronk zoals een palm. Bloemen zijn wit en zaden blauw.

Hoogte: 4 m.

Bloeit: jaarrond

Type: TTr

Winterhard in: zones 9-10-11 (5 Celsius)

Zaai-instructies: ontdoe de zaden van het blauwe vruchtvlees en velletje. 2 dagen laten weken in lauw water. Zaaien in teelaarde op een vochtig en op warme plek. Kiemt binnen 30-365 dagen.

Plant-instructies: goeddoorlatende en voedselrijke grond. Regelmatig voeding geven. Volle zon of halfschaduw.



The traveler's palm is one of nature's most distinctive and remarkable plants. It has been described as being part banana plant and part palm tree. Its long petioles (leaf stems) and deep green leaves resemble those of the banana and extend out from the trunk like the slats of a giant hand fan. The leaves range up to 10 ft long and from 12-20in in width. Young traveler's palms have a subterranean trunk which, in the adult plant, emerges above ground elevating the symmetrical crown to heights ranging from 30-60 ft The green palmlike trunk grows up to 1 ft in diameter and displays distinctive trunk leaf scar rings. Multitudes of small creamy white flowers compose an inflorescence up to 12in long. A mature traveler's palm may bloom year round and produce brown fruits that contain light blue seeds

Height: 4 m.

Flowers: all year

Type: TTr

Hardy in: zones 9-10-11 (5 Celsius)

Sowing instructions: Remove the blue fruit and skin. Soak the seeds for two days in luke warm water. Sow in a warm and moist spot. Germinates in 30-365 days.

Planting instructions: The traveler's palm tolerates sandy and clayey soils with good drainage, and thrives in rich, moist and loamy soils. It responds well to fertilizer and is considered a heavy feeder. Full sun or partial shade

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