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Amarine (15-20)

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Amarine X (15-20)

Hoogte: 50 cm.

Bloeit: sep-okt


Winterhard: zones 7-11 (-5 C)


Van deze bloemen word je blij! Plant kenmerkt zich door een rijke bloei en lange houdbaarheid, op vaas en in de tuin.


Zaai-instructies: Kiem in 2-12 mnd, 20-25 C. Lichtkiemer.

Plant-instructies: Wanneer de bolletjes zo groot als een erwt zijn, kun je de plantjes individueel oppotten.




Description: Gloriously striking sprays of up to ten lily-like flowers with wavy re-curved petals appear on erect leafless stems in autumn. Strap shaped foliage develops in the spring and will develop into impressive clumps over time. Excellent as cut flowers.


Height: 50 cm.

Flowers: sep-okt

Type: TBlb

Hardy in: zones 7-11 (-5 C)


Sowing instructions: When you plant these seeds, do not bury them deeply. Put them on top of moist potting soil and cover lightly with potting soil or finely shredded sphagnum moss. Moisten this covering medium and then place plastic wrap (or some other material) to retain the moisture over the pot in which the seeds are planted. Avoid over-wetting; the soil and covering material should be only slightly damp. Maintain this level of moisture until the seeds begin germinating. To get them to germinate faster you can float them on water, then plant them as the white root emerges.


Planting instructions: When the new bulbs reach about pea size repot the plants into individual pots. Continue growing the young bulbs outside in the summer, indoors in the winter. Provide a mild fertilizer, in summer only, beginning the second year. In winter they don?t need much water. Do not transplant them until they become crowded; hippeastrum roots are important to the plant, but the roots of immature bulbs are not yet sturdy and can be easily damaged when transplanted. In three or four years the bulbs will have matured sufficiently to begin blooming.


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