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Cosmos bipinnatus "Yellow garden" (15)

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Hoogte: 100 cm.

Bloeit: jul-okt

Type: TA

Winterhard in: zones 8-11 (0 C)

Breed uitgroeiend, met een ongewone kleur: zacht geel met iets wit in het hart. Bloeit later, maar rijker dan andere kleuren.

Zaai-instructies: Kiem in 1-2 wk, 21-24 C

Plant-instructies: Zon/halfschaduw

Waarschuwing: Delen van plant zijn giftig



Refreshingly different and really a lovely shade of soft yellow! Just as big and bloomy as the pink ones, this yellow variety tends to bloom a bit later – more towards mid-end of summer till frost. And you will be happy to know that self-sown volunteers come true!

Height: 100 cm.

Flowers: jul-okt

Type: TA

Hardy in: zones 8-11 (0 Celsius)

Sowing instructions: Sow at 21-24 Celsius in a good seed sowing mix. Keep soil damp but not wet, sealing in a plastic bag after sowing is helpful. Germination usually takes 5-10 days


Planting instructions: sun, partial shade


Warning: parts of the plant are poisonous if ingested.

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