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Etlingera elatior Red - Toortsgember (1-5)

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Hoogte: 150 cm.

Bloeit: aug-sep

Type: HHBlb

Winterhard in: zones 9-11 (5 C)


Kuipplant. Lid van de gemberfamilie. Mooie rode bloemen op basale stengels. Een grote snijbloem.


Zaai-instructies: Kiem in 3-4 wk, bij 21-24C.

Plant-instructies: Zon, halfschaduw, redelijk vochtig



This is one of the world's most splendid flowers. It is native to South East Asia. The torchs itself has a large reddish head. It will give you one of the most brilliant flowers imaginable with a dazzling mass display of bracts in a bright red cone shape. The flower is about 25 cm across and is borne on a 1.5 meter leafless stem that arises straight out of the ground. Has a smooth textured, broad, dark green leaves. Its inflorescence makes like the Red Torch Ginger a good cut flower. When the flower has finished a decorative seed head spike remains.


Height: 150 cm.

Flowers: aug-sep


Hardy in: zones 9-11 (5 C)


Sowing instructions: germination in 3-4 weeks at 21-24 Celsius

Planting instructions: sun or partial shade. Quite moist soil.

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