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Azorina vidalii

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Hoogte: 50 cm.
Bloeit: jun-sep
Type: TShr
Winterhard in: zones 8-10 (0C)

Zeldzame kuipplant met wasachtig blad en grote belbloemen.

Zaai-instructies : Kiem in 12-8 mnd, 18-23C. Indien geen kieming: koudebehandeling geven.
Plant-instructies : Halfschaduw


Very rarely offered is this dwarf shrub carrying shiny rubbery foliage with superb, waxy two inch, pink-tinged, white flared bells. A stunning plant from the Azores, thus appreciating winter protection. Excellent conservatory plant which can stand neglect.

Height: 50 cm.
Flowers: jun-sep
Type: TShr
Hardy in: zones 8-10 (0C)

Sowing instructions: Although seeds can be sown at any time, they may be best sown in winter or early spring as they benefit from a cold spell in the wet compost after sowing to break their dormancy. We advise covering seeds very thinly indeed with sand or fine grit, a good guide is about the depth of the seed size. They may also be sown at any time and if the seeds do not come up within 6 to 12 weeks the damp seed tray can be given cold treatment in a fridge for about four weeks. These seeds may still take many months, sometimes more than a year to appear, so please never discard the pot or tray.

Planting instructions: Partial shade

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