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Mimulus cupreus (Maskerbloem)

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Hoogte: 30 cm.
Bloeit: jul-aug
Type: TA
Winterhard in: zones 8-11 (0 C)

Laagblijvende plant die overdekt wordt door grote, intens rode bloemen. Doet het goed in een pot.

Zaai-instructies: Kiemt in 14-21 dagen bij 15-18 C.
Plant-instructies: Zon of halfschaduw. Niet uit laten drogen.


Chilean native, with tubular flowers boasts the perfect shade of red. In its natural habitat, it likes to hang near bogs, marshes and lake shores, making it perfect for edges of ponds and water features.Is great in containers, too. Ample bloomer, late Spring through Summer, especially if you occasionally cut the plants back to rejuvenate growth.

Height: 30 cm.
Flowers: jul-aug
Type: TA
Hardy in: zones 8-11 (0 Celsius)

Sowing instructions: Germinates in 14-21 days at 15-18 Celsius.

Planting instructions: Full sun or partial shade. Moist soil

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