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Cichorium intybus 'Rossa di Chioggia' (Roodlof)

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Hoogte: 30 cm.
Bloeit: jul-aug
Type: HA
Winterhard in: zones 4-8 (-20C)

Een type met donkerrode kropjes, die op sla lijken, ook wel onterecht rode sla genoemd

Zaai-instructies: Kiem in 7-21 dagen, 15-20C 
Plant-instructies: Koele, niet te droge plek. Regelmatig voeden.


A round, red ball type radicchio from Chioggia, Italy. It has a fresh, deep red color, with pure white veins on a uniform, compact and vigorous head. The external green leaves protect the round head of the plant, giving resistance to low temperatures and frost. Red and white coloring become more intense the colder the weather. Radicchio is an excellent addition to any salad. Highly used in fine restaurants and commonly sold in gourmet food markets. Radicchio gets most of its fame for being an ingredient in the popular tri color salad.

Height: 30 cm.
Flowers: jul-aug
Type: HA
Hardy in: zones 4-8 (-20 C)

Sowing instructions: Endive seeds are very fine. When planting in rows, spread the seeds as thinly as possible. Cover the seeds with a very fine layer of loose soil or starting mixture. Water lightly, and keep soil moist.

Planting instructions: Endive likes cool weather and lots of moisture, in rich, well drained soil. Provide an even amount of moisture and fertilizer. Liquid fertilizer works well

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