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Solidago canadensis (Guldenroede)

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HP - 100 cm. - ?-1/2? - * jul-sep ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------- Allereerst is deze plant bekend om de gele kleurstof om stoffen en wol te verven. Medici-naal is hij als thee bloedzuiverend. Verder is de stimulerende werking van nier- en blaas bekend. Hooikoortspati?nten kunnen deze plant beter achterwege laten. ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------- Racemes of yellow flowers in late summer. Solidago is used to make a yellow dye to colour textiles, escpecially wool. It is also a healing plant. As a tea it purifies the blood and makes your kidneys work better. However, if you suffer from hayfever, you?d better not put this plant in your gaden!

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