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Echinacea "Pica bella" (Zonnehoed)

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Opvallende, fijnstralige zonnehoed met rozerode tot perkzikkleurige spitse bloemblaadjes en oranjerode kegels. Bossige planten, heel geschikt voor border en als snijbloem. Aantrekkelijk voor insecten.

Hoogte: 50 cm.

Bloeit: aug-sep

Type: HP

Winterhard in: zones 5-9 (-15 Celsius)

Zaai-instructies: Kiemt in 10-21 dagen bij 20-24 Celsius.

Plant-instructies: Goeddoorlatende grond in volle zon of halfschaduw.



A really unique coneflower, this features very narrow orange-pink petals surrounding a rust orange button-shaped cone. Midsized in habit, this is ideal for sunny borders and containers. Excellent for cutting. Attractive to butterflies.

Height: 50 cm.

Flowers: aug-sep

Type: HP

Hardy in: zones 5-9 (-15 Celsius)

Sowing instructions: Sow at 20-24C on the surface of a good seed sowing mix and cover with a very fine sprinkling of sowing mix or vermiculite. Ensure the mix is damp but not wet and seal inside a plastic bag until after germination, which usually takes 10-21 days.

Planting instructions: part shade on ordinary well drained soil. Flowering is prolonged if flower stalks are cut off as soon as the flowers fade.

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