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Apium graveolens var. dulce (Bleekselderij)

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Groene, aromatische stengels. Gezond en vooral rauw erg lekker! Kort roerbakken is ook een optie of op het laatst toevoegen aan soep. Om te bleken moet je plant afdekken.


Hoogte: 30 cm.

Bloeit: nvt

Type: HB

Winterhard in: zones 6-10 (-10 Celsius)


Zaai-instructies: Kiemt binnen ca. 3 weken bij 15-18 Celsius.


Plant-instructies: Voedselrijke, niet te droge grond in volle zon. Regelmatig mest geven.





Strong, upright stalks with a crisp, clean and succulent flavour. The lightly ribbed stalks maintain an appealing apple-green colour, fading to white at the base. If you want to bleach them, you must cover the plants. You can use a bucket for this.


Height: 30 cm.

Flowers: na

Type: HB

Hardy in: zones 6-10 (-10Celsius)


Sowinginstructions: Sow seeds from Mar to Apr on the surface of a free draining, moist seedcompost and cover with a fine sprinkling of vermiculite or compost. Place in apropagator or seal the container inside a polythene bag at constant temperatureof 15-18 Celsius until after germination which takes up to 21 days.


Planting instructions: Grow in moist, rich fertile, well drained soil infull sun. Prepare the soil in early spring by adding plenty of well rottedgarden compost to the soil to improve its structure and fertility. A week before planting, apply a general fertiliser to the soil surface and rake it in.

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