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Dicksonia antarctica (Boomvaren)

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Heeft in volwassen toestand wat weg van een palm. Dit komt door de rechte stam met vezelachtige wortels en de enkele knop in de top waaruit lange, geveerde bladen groeien.

Hoogte: 3 m.
Bloeit: niet
Type: TShr
Winterhard in: zones 9-11 (5 Celsius)

Zaai-instructies: Zeer dun zaaien over steriele, vochtige potgrond en meteen afsluiten. Temperatuur tussen 18-20 Celsius. Kieming is volkomen onvoorspelbaar.

Plant-instructies: (half)schaduw. Een hoge luchtvochtigheid is belangrijk, bijv. bij een vijver of sloot of anders in de zomer regelmatig met water besproeien. Humusrijke grond.

Waarschuwing: kan allergische huidreactie veroorzaken


This species is probably the largest of the Dicksonias, with a trunk that can be a couple feet in diameter or more if given enough moisture, and a life span of up to 400 years. The fronds most often grow to about 8-10' in length, but under exceptionally good conditions, fronds as long as 14' are not out of the question. The crown can contain a great many fronds; up to 60 or 70 have been recorded on one plant! The uncurling croziers and stipes are covered with soft, reddish-brown hairs. Growth is moderate, but trunk development is relatively slow - about 1" per year is all that can be expected in cool areas, or even a bit less. In pot cultivation the fronds will be smaller and trunk development will be slower.

Height: 3 m.
Flowers: n.a.
Type: TShr
Hardy in: zones 9-11 (5 Celsius)

Sowing instructions: Sow very thinly over sterile, moist potting compost and seal in plastic immediately. Temperature should be between 18-20 Celsius. Germination is slow, erratic and may not occur at all.

Planting instructions: (Partial) shade. Air around the plant must be humid, so plant it near a pond or ditch. If not, spray regularly during summer. Needs rich, moist soil.

Warning: may cause allergic skin reaction

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