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Convolvulus tricolor 'Blue ensign' (Driekleurige winde)

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donkergentiaanblauwe trechterbloem, die naar het hart overloopt via helder wit naar geel. Plantjes ranken niet, ideaal voor potten en hangmanden

Hoogte: 70 cm.

Bloeit: jul-aug

Type: TA, TP

Winterhard in: zones 9-10-11-12 (5 Celsius)

Zaai-instructies: feb-mei. Zaden weken in heet water. Kiemt in 14-30 dagen bij 20-25 Celsius

Plant-instructies: Warme, beschutte, zonnige plek. Voldoende water geven.



Brilliant blue trumpet shaped flowers, with bright white and yellow. Plants scramble but donot climb, making them ideal for hanging baskets

Height: 70 cm.

Flowers: jul-aug

Type: TA, TP

Hardy in: zones 9-10-11-12 (5 Celsius)

Sowing instructions: Sow in trays, pots, etc of good seed compost in a propagator or warm place to maintain an optimum temperature of 20-25C. Sowing Depth: 6mm. Sowing Time: February-May. Soak the seeds in hand hot water for 2 hours, if the seeds are large they can first be lightly filed at one point on the seed before soaking.

Planting instructions: Warm, sheltered, sunny spot. Water well.

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