Beldarnas My Little Pony sida

The beginning

Everybody born in the 80's has to remember the toys from that time. Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spiderman, Thundercats, Batman, He-Man, the Phantom.. Star Wars was as huge as during the end of the 70's. For us girls the toys dominating was Barbie, Sindy and My Little Pony. I loved those little plastic horses and played with them long in to the 90's. I actually think I was eleven or twelve when I finally put them away. But I still liked to talk about them, look at pictures and when the series were aired on TV I watched, I admit that . My Little Pony has in other words followed me closed since I was three or four years old. But how can someone my age actually start to collect those?

Well, for me it began the summer of 2002. Me and my mom was at a supermarket to shop and I went to the filmsection to have something to do while mom collected grocerys. I was dragged like a magnet to a big box which contained a lots of childVHS. The first one i picked up was My Little Pony och spöket på Paradisets herrgård (The ghost at the Paradise Estate). What a feeling it was to find and hold something I loved to watch so much as a child but never got for my own! Something told me to look more deeply into the box and the next film i found was Glasskriget (the Ice Creamwars). I stood with those two in my hands for a long time while the nostalgy flared through me. When mom called for me and said she was done, these movies followed me home. I just had to have them.
Next time I was in the same supermarket I went through the same box and found another movie. And so it continued, everytime I was in a store that held this large filmboxes I went through them in a hunt for movies I didn't have. The collection has grown and when I discovered auctions on the web I started to collect dolls and other items as well. My Little Pony has become an obsession, but whatever my family and friends says, it is a good obsession .

I'm not gonna have a lot of pictures on this site. For close look on my collection, please visit my arena gallery. I hope this site will enjoy anyway. Please don't forget to sign my guestbook .


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