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What is a Lesson?  A lesson is a situation that is put in your life to learn something.   I am always amazed when I get it.  It usually hits me on top of my head like a ton of bricks.  As one of my favorite author Dr Dyer says there are two things in this world Love and Fear,, if you are full of Love than you cant have fear and if you are full of  fear than you can't be in a state of Love.   It is as simple as that.  I feel God gives us the lessons to always bring us back to Love.  Lately I have been faced with fear of being accepted,, in many different ways.  The first thing I have learned from this is I only need to accept myself.

Animal Reiki Talk

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I had a wonderful experience at the Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary, I met lots of great people and made lots of connections. All while raising money for this wonderful animal preserve.

   I am so grateful to my good friend, Reiki Master Teacher, and Angel Communicator, Rosemary DeTrolio.   She has it posted on her website that her goal is to help others find their path.  She has been helping me do just that.  Wow, I am so full of gratefulness for the day.  It was wonderful to share the experience with my husband Paul.  He is such a wonderful man and father. My girls were with me today as well.  Hannah just loved being the center of attention.  Sarah enjoyed seeing the animals, all the baby wildlife.  They were great today, typical children, but great.  I am so grateful for today, thank you God for such a blessed day.

What kind of day did you have?

First Thoughts

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It surrounds my kids as they are attacked with kisses from our puppy Pickles. 

It overflows my heart as I feel the love and support from family and friends. 

It reflects in my husband's eyes as he says good morning my "BEE" 

It wags from Pickle's tail as he greets the girls in the morning. 

 It surrounds Hannah as she goes off to bed knowing a special day is coming. 

It floats between my girls as they giggle over anything and everything. 

It envelops our table as everyone discusses what their favorite part of the day was.

It sleeps as everyone  turns in knowing that there is always a new DAY!!

What is the happiness in your DAY?



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