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Hello, and thanks for taking the time to visit this site. I am based in Cheshire in the UK and I have an interest in old audio items, especially record players from the fifties, sixties and seventies. This started at a very young age when my Dad gave me a small record player and a pile of old sixties singles which kept me occupied for hours. I soon became a record collector with a varied taste in music and more record players arrived.  In my teens I started to do DJ work whilst getting an education and learning how to fix record players. I now work in the professional sound and lighting industry whilst still keeping my hobby going with a large collection of old audio equipment and an even larger record collection.  

There really is only one way to listen to old records properly and that is on a vintage record player, whether it is Beatles or Rolling Stones on a sixties valve powered player or Bowie and T.Rex on a seventies transistor model. Even the Stone Roses and the Charlatans sound best on vinyl so my expensive hifi does not get used half as much as my old record players!

  I will be adding more bits and pieces to this site from time to time including a few items from my collection both restored and 'as found'. I have also added a page featuring some vintage disco equipment from the seventies and eighties. I hope you find something here of interest. Keep the vinyl spinning! 





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